The Difference Between WeatherPort®’s Two Frame Types

Any building is only as good as its frame. Fabric membrane structures are no different.

WeatherPort Shelter Systems® offers two types of frame materials to our customers: cost-effective aluminum and sturdy steel frames that can meet any challenge head-on.

When portability and ease of use is key, a lightweight aluminum frame is exactly what you need. For outdoor events in warm weather or indoor convention canopies that need to be set up and torn down multiple times, you need a durable, lightweight frame that won’t let you down. WeatherPort offers 50-kilipound per square inch aluminum that’s ideal for both large and small portable fabric buildings.

For tensioned membrane structures that will stand up against the most extreme environments, WeatherPort provides a 55 ksi tensile steel frame that can withstand snow load, high winds, and heavy rainfall. Both our aluminum and steel frames come with square tube arching for use on smaller buildings such as greenhouses, yurts, and camp tents. Larger buildings (warehouses, hangers, and event pavilions) employ square tube trusses rather than round tubing or I-beams due to the square tube’s larger surface area, which helps prevent deformities.

To protect the frames themselves against corrosion, rust, or damage, WeatherPort offers four different solutions: 99.9 percent bonded pure zinc coating, chromate conversion coating, organic polymer coating, and in-house custom powder coating in a variety of colors.

If you’re in the market for a new fabric building, you owe it to yourself to consider a best-in-class WeatherPort Shelter System. The differences are clear, but if you want more information about any of our structures, give us a call at +1-970-399-5909 or use the contact form to get a free quote.


  • WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ (WP) is a Colorado based business that custom-designs high-performance fabric buildings for any application. Our custom-built structures offer an unmatched level of portability and long-lasting durability. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have successfully produced and delivered engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries!

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