The Energy Impact of Legal Cannabis Production

Greenhouse Heavy Gable Building

As the legal cannabis industry awaits national legalization, several states have already approved recreational marijuana production and consumption for adults 21 years old and older.

Legal cannabis growers and medical marijuana producers face challenging business conditions, including restrictive banking laws, as well as energy issues associated with any large-scale agricultural business.  A staggering statistic came out of Denver last year — the relatively small legal marijuana industry accounts for about 2% of the city’s electricity use.

Many legal marijuana growers in Colorado produce much of their stock in warehouses. Those large structures allow growers to produce cannabis crop all year long, but in general they are not energy efficient. As the legal cannabis industry expands, creating more competition, growers need to find savings wherever they can.

Large, commercial cannabis greenhouses offer one solution to the problem of unnecessarily high energy costs.grow tent for cannabis

According to an article published by Confluence Denver, the costs of growing marijuana in a well-constructed and energy efficient greenhouse is about half that of warehouse-based production. For growers, that’s a massive savings and a major improvement to their bottom line.

With precision temperature control systems and energy efficient electrical systems, cannabis producers can greatly benefit from a greenhouse solution.

In addition to energy-efficient greenhouses, WeatherPort can provide blackout fabric membranes and automated light-deprivation systems for controlled-light growing operations of any size.

Building specialists at WeatherPort Shelter Systems will work with you to create a durable, energy-efficient greenhouse structure up to 150 feet wide and any length. To learn more about how WeatherPort will help you lower production costs and increase yields, contact us online or call +1-970-339-5909.


  • WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ (WP) is a Colorado based business that custom-designs high-performance fabric buildings for any application. Our custom-built structures offer an unmatched level of portability and long-lasting durability. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have successfully produced and delivered engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries!


  1. Kayleen-Reply
    December 29, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    Interested in 50′ x 100′ x 16′ building for Cannabis Indoor grow. HVAC, electrical, some insulation, plumbing.

    Thank you,

  2. Green Energy Audits-Reply
    October 19, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Thanks for the great share! I also like the idea of Home Energy. The best part I like is this: The reliability and availability of modern energy sources cause people to tend to assume that it will always be accessible. And as for the case of non-renewable energy sources, most people do not know or maybe even refuse to accept that it will eventually run out.

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