Tag: Automated Light Deprivation Systems


WeatherPort®’s Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse System

Light deprivation changes the amount of light a plant receives in order to mimic the seasonal changes. This allows growers to mature plants faster and have a harvest multiple times during the growing season. WeatherPort offers an automated light deprivation greenhouse system that is particularly popular in legal cannabis growing operations. Usually, physical work from growers is necessary to practice light deprivation. Growers must set up blackout-tarps on a schedule for their plants to receive the benefits of light depo, but our automated system eliminates the need for this physical work. Check out our video demonstrating our greenhouses’ automated light deprivation systems.


GrowPort Cannabis Greenhouses

You may be considering growing cannabis as more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana. If you want to join the legal cannabis market as a grower you will need the right support for your operation. Growing cannabis requires a lot of care and diligence and you must invest in the right equipment. Grow tents must have proper lighting, ventilation, and watering systems, drying rooms, and other tools for a successful operation. WeatherPort offers GrowPorts designed to support all aspects of legal cannabis operations, as well as bonus features such as panic doors.

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