Quality Accommodations for a World-Class Fishing Lodge: WeatherPort Cabins at Angler’s Alibi

Alaska’s Premier Fishing Lodge

WeatherPort cabins at Angler's Alibi fishing lodge

Photo courtesy of Angler’s Alibi

Angler’s Alibi is an all-inclusive Alaskan fishing lodge that offers world-class fishing, comfortable accommodations, and top-notch dining on one of the top five rivers in Alaska. With a limit of 14 guests per week and a 2-to-1 guest-to-guide ratio, guests are sure to get plenty of personal attention and an Alaskan fishing experience tailored to their specific expectations.

In addition to their main location on the Alagnak River, Angler’s Alibi also has a second fishing camp on the Nushagak River (the “Nush”) and offers fly-out fishing excursions in more remote waters. These various locations give guests access to a wide variety of fish, including king, sockeye, silver, chum, and pink salmon as well as trophy rainbow trout, arctic char, and arctic grayling.

Two people holding a large fish at Angler's Alibi fishing lodge

Photo courtesy of Angler’s Alibi

Angler’s Alibi’s remote location, accessible only by plane and far from roads and crowds, frees guests to focus on fishing and enjoying the amazing scenery and wildlife Alaska has to offer. It’s no wonder that, after more than 25 years in operation, Angler’s Alibi still has one of the highest return rates in the business.

Why WeatherPort Cabins for a Fishing Camp?

WeatherPort cabins at Angler's Alibi fishing lodge

Photo courtesy of Angler’s Alibi

When deciding on guest accommodations for Angler’s Alibi, owner John Perry was looking for structures that would withstand inclement weather and last for decades. 

They originally decided against wood cabins because they wanted to be able to take the structures down during the off-season, making portable cabins from WeatherPort® Shelter Systems a great option. John realized that it made more sense to leave the frames of the structures up year-round later on, which wasn’t an issue because of the WeatherPort cabins’ rugged durability. The tensioned fabric membranes are removed and stored for the winter at the end of each fishing season, which lasts for 10 weeks from June through August. Come spring, they’re able to reattach the fabric membranes to all 10 WeatherPort cabin structures in about two days.

This year, John left one of the older WeatherPort cabins with the fabric membrane intact. He doesn’t seem too concerned about the membrane’s ability to endure an Alaskan winter, knowing his WeatherPort structures are engineered to withstand freezing temperatures, extreme wind, and heavy snow loads. 

Angler’s Alibi now has 10 WeatherPort cabins for guest and staff accomodations. Some of these they purchased just a few years ago, but their oldest WeatherPort cabins are 25 years old — and still in use.

The Accommodations at Angler’s Alibi Fishing Lodge

The interior of a WeatherPort cabin at Angler's Alibi fishing lodge

Photo courtesy of Angler’s Alibi

Angler’s Alibi chose to place their WeatherPort cabins along the shoreline of the Alagnak River. Each cabin sits on a raised wood platform and features carpeted flooring and a swinging screen door.

Inside each cabin, you’ll find two twin beds, two rods to hang clothes and personal belongings, two sitting chairs, and a propane heater for those chilly nights.

“There’s ample space for two people to comfortably stay a week in there,” John explained. “Simple but roomy.”

Cabin Life at Angler’s Alibi Fishing Lodge

A WeatherPort cabin at Angler's Alibi fishing lodge

Photo courtesy of Angler’s Alibi

After 25 years of use, the WeatherPort cabins are still satisfying Angler’s Alibi guests and staff alike.

Guests who visit Angler’s Alibi for the first time are “pleasantly surprised at how much room there is in them, and how comfortable they are to sleep in on a nightly basis,” according to John. Guests are always “completely satisfied” at the end of their stay.

In fact, while some guests are hesitant about staying in a structure without wood walls before their visit, John says that they end up enjoying their fishing experience in a WeatherPort cabin more than a typical wood cabin experience, particularly because it’s more in tune with nature. “One of the biggest things I hear is that when it rains, they love to hear the sound of rain on the WeatherPorts,” he explained.

John himself calls the WeatherPort cabins “strong, secure, dry, and warm” — and he would know, having spent many fishing seasons in them.

The cabins’ strength and security extends to worse-than-usual weather, such as the three-day monsoon Angler’s Alibi experienced in 2018 with winds as high as 70 mph. “We had zero issues with any of the tents,” John explained. “No tearing or ripping. Everything stayed up just fine.”

Overall, John would “highly recommend” WeatherPort cabins to anyone with similar needs, and has even considered adding WeatherPort yurts to the second Angler’s Alibi location if demand increases.

More Information

WeatherPort cabins at Angler's Alibi fishing lodge

Photo courtesy of Angler’s Alibi

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