Reduce energy costs, grow a quality product, increase yields, and maximize profits with a Weatherport® GrowPort™.

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Enjoy year-round growing and multiple harvests.

WeatherPort’s fully automated light deprivation greenhouses come in a range of sizes and offer an unmatched level of customization to meet your specific growing requirements.

Whether you are interested in a cannabis greenhouse for personal use, a hobbyist, or a large-scale licensed grower needing commercial greenhouses with thousands of feet of outdoor growing space, WeatherPort GrowPorts™ can reduce energy costs by as much as 50% when compared to indoor warehouse growing operations.

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WeatherPort offers the GrowPort™ series of greenhouses for growing cannabis in 30’ and 20’ widths.

diagram of weatherport industrial greenhouse exterior

30’ Wide GrowPort™

30’ Wide GrowPort™

The 30’ Wide GrowPort™ is our most popular greenhouse for growing cannabis. The 30’ Wide GrowPort™ is available in many different sizes to support mid- to large-scale growing operations.


  • The 30’ Wide GrowPort™ is available in lengths of: 30’, 60’, 80’, 100’, and 120’.
  • An 18 oz. translucent fabric is specifically designed to diffuse sunlight (protecting cannabis plants from the ‘magnifying effect’ common in glass and ‘see-through’ greenhouses), blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, and allows natural sunlight to be used for growing to drastically reduce energy usage and costs!
  • Optional 5’ high sidewall strip vents can be added to the 30’ Wide GrowPort™ to allow for more outside air to pass through the building. The side wall strip vents are available as either a manual or motorized open-and-close system. The vents include an interior sealing flap, which can be closed seasonally to allow for better heat retention when the outside temperatures drop.
  • The end walls of the 30’ Wide GrowPort™ are made of 16-oz. blackout fabric (white exterior).
  • The front end wall includes 8’ x 8’ Heavy Duty Double Zipper Utility Entry with Pulley Track Roll-Up System, (1) 24” Shutter Fan (located above the blackout curtain) and (2) 42” Light Deprivation Fans (14,250 CFM ea.).
  • The rear end wall features (1) 8’ x 6’ Evaporative Cooling System, (1) 24” Shutter with Motor (located above the blackout curtain) and (2) 48” Light Deprivation Shutters.
  • (2) 30” x 80” Personnel Doors (1 on each side of building) are included.
  • The 30’ Wide GrowPort™ includes a fully automated and programmable environmental control system capable of managing the light deprivation system, horizontal air flow (HAF) fans, ventilation, as well as customer provided supplemental growing systems which can be remotely controlled from a mobile phone or tablet device.
  • Overhead interior hanging support system to hang customer provided supplemental growing systems.
  • The motorized light deprivation curtain is made of a triple layer breathable blackout fabric, and is supported by an internal frame system with a 10’ peak height and 26’ wide interior growing space.
  • The 30’ Wide GrowPort utilizes our DAGB Series frame system – a heavy-duty double arch gable frame.
  • Engineered to meet the wind and snow loads for your location.

diagram for growport greenhouse with automated light deprivation

20’ Wide GrowPort™

20’ Wide GrowPort™

The perfect sized greenhouse for personal growing, or for the growing of recreation or medical marijuana by small tiered licensed growers.


  • 20’ wide x 20’ long x 12’ 4” high (peak).
  • 8’ sidewall height.
  • Frame system utilizes our HGB Series model single-arch design and is made with high-strength galvanized steel.
  • Cover is made with 18 oz. translucent fabric designed to diffuse sunlight and can be ordered with (2) 15’ wide x 5’ high sidewall strip vents (1 on each side) with manual open-and-close.
  • End walls are made with 18 oz. fabric with a white exterior and blackout interior
  • Front end wall is equipped with (1) 8’ x 8’ Heavy Duty Double Zipper Utility Entry with Pulley Track Roll-Up System, (1) 12” Shutter Fan (located above the blackout curtain), and (2) 16” Light Deprivation Fans.
  • Rear end wall is equipped with (1) 12” Shutter with Motor (located above the blackout curtain), (2) 16” Light Deprivation Shutters, and (1) Evaporative Cooling System.
  • The motorized blackout curtain is made of a breathable three-ply system designed to completely block unwanted light.
  • The 20’ Wide GrowPort™ is equipped with (4) Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fans, mounted below the blackout curtain system, (2) 20’ long Hanging Support Framing Systems, and (1) Thermostat.
  • Optional Environmental Controller Systems are available to fully automate and remotely control your greenhouse.


With more than 50 years of experience engineering and manufacturing high quality greenhouses for growing cannabis, we understand the importance of creating an eco-friendly and energy efficient space that is conducive to producing top-grade cannabis but also reducing operation expenses.

An independent study published in 2011 reported the yearly energy expenditures for indoor marijuana growing operations in the United States was $6 billion. There is no way to sugar coat the fact that indoor warehouse growing is an environmentally unfriendly and unsustainable business model. The energy used by indoor warehouse grows is enough to power 2-million average U.S. homes and produces an astounding 15-million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 3-million cars! In cities like Denver, that derive 60% of its power from coal plants, it’s not uncommon for a 5,000-square foot warehouse growing operation to use six times more electricity than an average commercial business.

The long-term ecological benefits of legally growing cannabis in a WeatherPort GrowPort™ which is specifically designed for the cultivation of high-potency cannabis cannot be argued. Greenhouse growing has been proven to reduce the total operating costs by as much as 66% when compared to the total operating costs of indoor warehouse growing. In the ever-increasing competitive world of cannabis growing, indoor warehouses can’t compete with the lower operating cost and more competitive pricing afforded by using efficient outdoor greenhouses.

Benefits of an Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse from WeatherPort

WeatherPort marijuana greenhouses offer many benefits over indoor warehouse growing, including:

  • Our greenhouse specialists and in-house engineering team will work with you to develop the ultimate outdoor growing solution, ensuring safety and compliance with local wind and snow loads.
  • Worldwide delivery and support.
  • High-strength architectural membranes are PVC (polyvinyl chloride) based and used for all our greenhouse structures. Compared to cheaper PE (polyethylene) products – our architectural membranes offer greater abrasion resistance, snow shed, longevity, ease of repair, will not rot, are mold, mildew, and fire resistant, and can be recycled.
  • Galvanized steel frames and optional powder coating provides an added level of protection against salt air, oxidation, humidity and other environmental factors. Powder coating is available in a large selection of colors.
  • Open span design creates an unobstructed interior to maximize growing space.
  • Energy-efficient designs and supplemental systems help to reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Minimal foundation requirement means less site preparation, saving both time and construction costs, and reducing the environmental impact.
  • WeatherPort Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouses, once setup, do not require expensive maintenance or upkeep, compared to steel buildings, indoor growing warehouses, or other greenhouse structures.
  • By design, our greenhouses for growing marijuana, can be taken down and easily moved from one location to another, or setup and remain in place for decades.
  • As your business grows, so can your cannabis greenhouse. It is easy to expand the growing capacity of any WeatherPort greenhouse.


Rely on our 50-plus years of proven excellence by investing in a WeatherPort GrowPort™! Start enjoying the benefits of outdoor growing, by contacting us using the information below. A friendly WeatherPort building specialist will discuss your growing needs and guide you thru the process of configuring a 20’ Wide or 30’ Wide GrowPort™.

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WeatherPort does not promote illegal sales or use of marijuana. Sale of WeatherPort cannabis grow equipment is limited to states where permitted. Void where prohibited.

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