WeatherPort® backyard greenhouses and greenhouse kits offer a reliable solution for growing year-round. Our greenhouse structures cater to backyard growers of all sizes, from small greenhouse kits to large backyard greenhouses, like our popular 17’ x 20’ greenhouse! The potential for cultivating in a WeatherPort greenhouse structure is endless.

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WeatherPort greenhouse structures are not your average backyard greenhouses

They’re unparalleled in quality and reliability.

  • Engineered to meet local or international building codes for safety and to withstand the environmental conditions of your location.
  • Designed to be easily setup and left up for year-round growing, or taken down at the end of the growing season (with minimal site preparation).
  • Can be set up on almost any level surface (ask us about our anchoring options).
  • Custom design a greenhouse to your specific requirements including: size, layout, shelving, windows, doors, ventilation, climate control and a variety of other options!

We offer a variety of standard greenhouse structures, like our very popular 8’ x 13’ greenhouse kit, which includes everything needed to start your growing adventure! Give us a call at 970-399-5909 to talk with friendly WeatherPort building specialists, or click the button below to request a consultation!

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From the desert to the mountains, our greenhouse structures are built to withstand the weather, even in locations with extreme weather conditions (heavy winds and high snow loads). “You can’t see through it” is one of the comments we hear most about our backyard greenhouses. While we do make architectural membranes with nearly see-through properties, our most common and widely used greenhouse covers are specifically engineered to diffuse sunlight and block harmful UV rays, providing plants with a “soft” light for optimum growing. Clear greenhouse covers tend to have a magnifying effect on plants.

Valuable features of our Backyard Greenhouse structures:

  • Our structures use a proprietary and durable PVC-based architectural membrane, available in different amounts of translucency.
  • Fabric membranes will not rot, peel, or become brittle over time.
  • Mold and mildew resistant, flame retardant, and impregnated with a special UV stabilizer to provide years of year-round use.
  • Available with a high-strength galvanized steel frame system or a lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame system.
  • Powder coating is available to provide a further layer of protection against corrosion, like coastal areas and environments where sea-spray is common.
  • Our greenhouse structure frame systems seamlessly integrate with our custom designed architectural membranes.


When you invest in a WeatherPort for your backyard greenhouse, you’re choosing a state-of-the-art greenhouse structure to create the perfect environment for growing, be it exotic orchids, fruit trees, vegetables, or an assortment of flowering plants to enjoy fresh flowers year-round.

The WeatherPort GB Series is a gable-style greenhouse structure that is perfect for backyard growing! Available in widths from 6’ wide to 20’ wide, and to any length, the straight-wall design allows for maximum use of interior space. A standard eave height of 5’ provides larger potted plants room to grow. Need a taller eave height? No problem, we can custom design a greenhouse with a taller eave or peak height to meet your growing requirements.

Add shelving and enjoy growing smaller plants or starts at a convenient height. Our GB Series greenhouse structures can also be equipped with hanging bars – perfect for hanging flower baskets or attaching growing fixtures such as sprinklers, drip systems, fans, and lights. The GB Series can be equipped with a wide assortment of doors and windows. To learn more about WeatherPort GB Series buildings, click the button below.

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WeatherPort has been engineering backyard greenhouses and greenhouse kits for over 50 years. Our proven track record is a testament to the thousands of greenhouses we have supplied homeowners and commercial growers around the world. If you would like more information or pricing for a WeatherPort greenhouse, we encourage you to request a consultation by clicking the button below. Alternatively, feel free to call by phone or email us the details of your project!

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