Grow More in a Portable Greenhouse

Whether you’re a commercial grower or just want a small crop for your backyard garden, a WeatherPort Greenhouse is the perfect solution to increase your yields and grow year-round.

An 8' x 13' HGB Series Greenhouse is great for backyard greenhouse growing.

An 8′ x 13′ HGB Series Portable Greenhouse is great for backyard greenhouse growing and features rollup side vents for air flow and ventilation control in any climate.

Off-the-shelf greenhouse kits and fiberglass structures are cheap, flimsy and won’t stand the test of time. WeatherPort tensioned membrane greenhouse structures are designed in-house to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect your valuable crop in any climate.

We have super portable greenhouse kits that are easy to install and serve as a superior replacement to the low-cost and unreliable greenhouse kits you’d find in most home improvement stores.

Our backyard greenhouses can be placed installed on any level surface, with or without foundations. WeatherPort engineering is independently tested and certified for use in heavy snow, high winds and other inclement weather.

WeatherPort Commercial Greenhouses are specially designed for use by retailers, wholesalers or farmers and offer best-in-class crop protection. You can  add shelving, climate control systems and ventilation capabilities to optimize your growth environment.

WeatherPort Grow Tents come in translucent or opaque fabrics that are perfect for hydroponic, light deprivation or traditional growing methods.

For more information or to order your WeatherPort Greenhouse or Grow Tent, call +1-970-390-5909 or contact us online today.



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  1. Linda-Reply
    June 3, 2016 at 7:18 am

    It’s totally awesome that your greenhouses will withsand the test of time! My husband and I love being in our yard and since we live in the rough climate of the rocky mountains we need a durable kit that can take both heat and cold conditions. I love the look of your greenhouses too, so cute! Thanks for sharing the details about your product!

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