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With the legalization of recreational cannabis in four states — Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington — commercial growers are ramping up operations to meet the demands of an expanding marketplace that figures to keep growing.

Legislatures in Vermont and Rhode Island are considering legalizing recreational pot this year. In 2016, legal recreational cannabis could come to Nevada, Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Ohio and Missouri.

Ten states — Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota and South Carolina — have pending legislation or ballot measures to legalize medical marijuana.

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WeatherPort 30′ x 60′ commercial greenhouses offer incredible interior space for a wide variety of applications.

WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ offers a wide range of fully engineered GrowPort™ clear span greenhouses and grow tents that are ideal for commercial and medical cannabis growing and cannabis drying.

GrowPort greenhouse structures and grow tents provide ideal sheltered growing environments and can be designed to accommodate automated light deprivation systems. We also offer Alaska ECU™ (environmental control units) from the commercial line of Alaska Structures® products that provide incredible ventilation, climate-control and dehumidification capabilities.

GrowPort greenhouses and grow tents can be designed to accommodate hydroponic and aquaponic growing systems, as well as LED, HID, CFL and other grow-light systems.

You can choose from WeatherPort composite fabrics that allow in natural light while blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays or blackout materials that create ideal light-deprivation environments.

WeatherPort fabric, framing and anchoring systems offer great durability and have been tested in the field and in independent laboratories to ensure longevity in extreme climates. Our greenhouse structures and grow tents are tough enough to withstand inclement weather without flapping, tearing or structural failure.

GrowPort greenhouses, grow tents and cannabis drying rooms are easy to install on any level surface with minimal site preparation, allowing you to get your legal cannabis growing operation off the ground more quickly and with lower construction costs than are found with traditional glass and polycarbonate structures. We can also assist you with installation.

Commercial Marijuana Grow TentAvailable in a wide range of fabric membrane structure models, GrowPort greenhouses, grow tents and cannabis drying shelters can be sized to suit the requirements of your commercial or medical cannabis operation. One of our most popular models is a 30-foot-wide gable building that can be built to any length allowing for safe gable spacing. Models that offer 2,000 square feet of space are also quickly becoming top-sellers. If you need even more sheltered growing space, you can combine several WeatherPort greenhouses together into a huge, clear-span complex.


At WeatherPort, we can create GrowPort greenhouse structures and grow tents with door packages that offer great security and utility. Our large sliding doors allow easy entrance and egress for forklifts and other equipment. All of our doors can be locked for security, and we also offer panic doors.

To learn more about the benefits of choosing a fully engineered GrowPort commercial greenhouse structure or grow tent from WeatherPort, call +1-970-399-5909, email or click here to fill out an online information request.


  1. Jevon W.-Reply
    June 18, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    What are prices for 20×30, 30×30, 30×40, 30×50 and 30×60 cannabis grow tents with light deprivation, fans, grow lights, and dehumidifiers? Fully kitted to begin an operation. I am located in Bermuda.

    • August 24, 2020 at 4:45 pm

      Hello Jevon! We custom design and engineer cannabis grow tents for licensed growers. We have supplied cannabis greenhouse structures to many countries and can ship to Bermuda. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your growing needs! Tel: 970-399-5909 Email:

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