June is National Camping Month: How to Get Ready

Whether you’re a regular camper or haven’t gone since childhood, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the great outdoors this summer. June is National Camping Month and WeatherPort Shelter Systems is ready to help you celebrate in field-tested camping shelters, yurts and portable cabins.


A family added a deck to this WeatherPort SQ Series Portable Cabin with a sliding-glass door.

Are you prepared for a fun camping trip or is your gear a little out of date? Cheap nylon, polyester or canvas tents are cold, flimsy and won’t stand up to the elements. With a WeatherPort camping shelter or yurt, you’ll have a durable, portable tent that will last for decades. These easy-to-install shelter solutions can be set up on any level surface.  You can even use them as permanent fabric buildings!

Unlike ordinary tents, WeatherPort camping shelters are designed for each individual customer’s needs. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles, sizes and custom configurations with options like insulation for extreme-weather camping.

Ditch your broken-down pup tent and enjoy the outdoors with most ruggedly durable shelter systems from WeatherPort. For more information or to order yours today, call +1-970-390-5909 or contact us online.

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