It is the middle of the summer, so why should I start thinking about preparing for this winter? 

We understand you have a lot on your plate! Kids potentially going back to school this fall during the COVID-19 pandemic, jobs, missing spending quality time with family and friends, being careful to social distance and wash your hands while singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice at every available opportunity. Or maybe you just want to relax in the warm summer breeze and not think about the approaching end of summer and return to colder temperatures.

Regardless of the situation, winter is on the way, and while you might be one of the handful of people that looks forward to a frosty morning, fresh snowfall, and the joys of the holidays, your RV, ATV, jet skis, other recreational vehicles, and swimming pool are not! 

Recreation vehicles (RVs), cars, and boats could wear down faster in the cold weather, and leaving them unprotected during the fall and winter could mean major damage. Aside from protecting your vehicles from snow, rain, wind, and foliage that could take time to clean up, you also need to worry about cooling temperatures. Water freezes, and if your vehicle has water stored in it, it could also be at risk of freezing damage.

Likewise, winter often means hiring someone to winterize your pool while you pack away the swimsuit, floaties, and pool toys.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Now is the best time to create and have a plan in place, before the weather turns colder, to protect your vehicles and prepare your pool for winter use.

RV Enclosures to Protect Your Home Away From Home

Your RV needs to be stored in a secure, dry, weather-resistant storage facility. Depending on the severity of winters in your area, you may also need to find an enclosure that stays heated to protect your vehicle from the damaging effects of freezing temperatures.

Instead of using garages, many RV owners are beginning to switch to fabric structures from WeatherPort Shelter Systems™

WeatherPort enclosures are engineered to withstand harsh conditions such as snow, wind, and extreme cold (or heat). Parking your RV in an enclosure protects it from the elements, keeping it in top shape so it’s ready for you when spring comes around.

One advantage WeatherPort enclosures have over store-bought sheds is customization. Our structures can be made up to 150 feet wide and to nearly any height or length. Or, if you prefer a smaller structure, it can be designed to fit your RV comfortably. 

Our fabric structures are also designed to be reusable, so if you do not intend to use it year-round, you can simply take down the structure and store it during the summer and set it back up when winter comes again. 

Before Storing Your RV

Insurance agencies have seen it all, including costly damages to RVs solely because of winter weather. To prepare your RV for the winter, Allstate suggests that you:

  • Prep your RV exterior by conducting a roof, wall, window, and seam inspection.
  • Drain the water system.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer. 
  • Consider disconnecting the battery and storing it separately.
  • Find a good place to set up your enclosure.

But protecting your RV doesn’t end there! After you’ve set up your enclosure and your RV is waiting for warmer weather, keep checking up on it. The more attention you pay to your RV, the less likely something catastrophic is to occur.

Things to check for include:

  • Freezing water
  • Weather damage
  • Rodents moving into your RV

Park Your Car and Boat Safely for the Winter

Odds are that your RV isn’t the only vehicle at your house. If you don’t have a heated garage to park your car in, the same rules for your RV should apply to your car.

Also, if you don’t have a place to dry dock your boat and must bring it home with you, you’ll need to give it the same protection as your RV to keep it safe during the winter.

With WeatherPort fabric structures, you can get a garage enclosure that protects all your vehicles in one place. Our fabric structures can be custom-designed to fit as many vehicles as you want, so long as you have open land to erect the structure.

Another benefit of choosing a fabric structure over traditional brick, steel, or wood enclosures is that our structures have minimal foundation requirements, so you can set up your enclosure with little to no land preparation.

Once winter is over and you’re ready to use your car, boat, or RV again, you can easily take down and move the structure. All of our structures are designed for easy transportation and multiple uses, so just put it away, set it aside, and bring it out next winter!

Swim Year-Round With Pool Enclosures

Just because the weather will soon be turning doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor pool anymore.

Fabric structure pool enclosures provide your pool with a covering that facilitates year-round use, protection from foliage, and privacy. 

By enclosing your pool for year-round use, you avoid costs and tasks associated with winterizing, including:

  • Draining the pool
  • Covering the pool
  • Storing pool equipment in a safe location
  • Ensuring chemicals are properly balanced
  • Hiring a professional to prepare the pool for winter

WeatherPort’s pool enclosures give you options for your pool, too. Our custom-designed structures can be entirely enclosed with one or more entryways, or the enclosure can be designed with removable or roll-up side walls to let in fresh air.

Once winter is over, you don’t need to put your pool enclosure away. Fabric pool enclosures provide protection from UV rays, allowing you, your family, and your friends to swim in a protected environment — something that mesh and cage enclosures don’t offer.

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