Greenhouses for Legal Cannabis

WeatherPort Grow Tents and cannabis greenhouses protect against extreme weather and regulate interior temperature to boost your output and allow for crop production outside of your regular climate. With the legalization of marijuana in some states, licensed pot producers can boost their production and stabilize growth environment to maximize growth potential and protect their crop from the elements. WeatherPort Greenhouses can also provide ventilated shelter uniquely suited for cannabis drying.

Because of the decreased available sunlight in the Puget Sound region and the temperature requirements needed to cultivate cannabis, it’s difficult to grow the plant in open-air fields. Requiring about 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit in order to achieve a proper THC potency, cannabis suffers in that department when temperatures fall below or rise above that level. WeatherPort Greenhouses and Grow Tents are available with built-in insulation, ensuring the internal temperature of your growth environment is protected from the outside elements — no matter how harsh!

Available in a wide range of sizes and modifiable designs, our greenhouses and grow tents are available for hydroponic, organic, or traditional growing methods and the results will exceed your expectations for commercial or personal yields.

Whether you’re aiming for an easy to maintain backyard greenhouse or a commercial-level structure for large-scale production, WeatherPort can supply you with high-quality greenhouses or grow tent and even help customize them to fit your branding or design needs. If privacy is a factor, blackout fabric is available to protect from prying eyes or to simply ensure even and predictable light on the inside.

What’s the difference between our structures and a cheaper, off-the-shelf greenhouse? Whereas those are made from cheap plastic or brittle glass, our tensioned membrane fabric structures stand up against the toughest natural elements and last for years. Plus, our frames are strong enough to handle heavy grow lights and other equipment, so you can rest easy knowing your structure won’t collapse under the weight of your required equipment.

Contact WeatherPort Shelter Systems to discuss your legal cannabis production needs and find out why our greenhouses and grow tents are best suited to promote maximum growth production in your crops. Browse our available greenhouse kits and grow tents to find out more.



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