Improve Customer Experience with Customized Car Dealership Facilities

The customer experience (CX) is king for virtually any business or industry. A job well done can be found with any serious competitor, but it’s the experience that earns referrals. The dealership with the most personable and helpful salespeople are the ones to which families return for their second car, or when helping their kids pick out their first vehicle.


This rule reigns even in e-commerce and the logistics industry where the digital experience matters just as much, if not more than customer service, merchandising, and other levels of engagement with the customer. With that said, the experience is most tangible and important when the customer is on-site, right next to you.


Every detail matters. The showroom floors should be impeccably clean to the extent that they reflect the natural light from the windows to illuminate every corner of the room. The detailing stations should be crisp and sharp not only for those working in them, but for anyone who gets a glance of what’s inside. New car bays should show off the newest inventory in creative and eye-catching ways, and the delivery booths to smoothly transfer the keys of newly sold vehicles to their new owner should offer a final positive experience for every buyer.


Car Dealership Floors – Color and Cleanliness


While you may not be aware of it as a customer, virtually every car dealership around has floors that absolutely gleam. That’s not a coincidence; it’s for the same reason so many walls are painted with light colors, because it’s warm and happy. Making the customer happy is what CX is all about.


While the selected colors are deliberate and essential for pushing a good experience for the customer, the best color won’t show well if it’s dirty. That’s why it’s important to ensure the ease of ability to keep the floor clean, in fact, every surface in a dealership should be easy to keep in a state of pristine cleanliness.


Cleanliness and a great dealership environment goes well beyond just the indoor show room. Most directly, all of the same principles apply to an outdoors showroom that’s installed to catch a bit more attention from traffic driving by. Although, being outdoors there will be some unique challenges to overcome.


Specifically, the traffic you are trying to draw in will kick up more dirt and grime, which may settle on interior surfaces by traveling through the air. Rain only exacerbates the problem by pulling that dirt down from the air to whatever is below; the display and the cars in it. This makes it even more important to have an easy-to-clean outdoor showroom.


This is where a WeatherPort canopy systems comes in.


Car Dealership Canopies


Utilizing an architectural membrane stretched over a galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum frame, you can trust in the rugged strength and long-lasting capability of your WeatherPort canopy structure. You can practically just spray it down every week and it will be freshly clean. A WeatherPort canopy or building can offer car dealerships far more than just a display to highlight your vehicles to passersby, but can serve as a:


  • Parking lot shade structure or canopy
  • Maintenance or detailing building
  • Replacement for car hail netting
  • Outdoor showroom canopy
  • Standalone delivery bay or car wash bay


These are the most enduring and versatile fabric buildings on the market.  


For five decades, these engineered fabric structures have been used in more than 65 countries and in conditions as rugged as the Antarctic — they have even been reported to survive avalanches. WeatherPort uses the highest quality materials to produce custom designed structures for car dealerships, engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads.


With that type of durability, by covering your outdoor display lot or your front row, you could outright forgo hail netting.

If your dealership is located in more mild climates where sun damage and protection from UV rays are concerns, WeatherPort facilities can be as shade structures to make browsing the car dealership lot a bit more comfortable for your customers. For those in more northern, yet still mild or moderate climates, you can opt for a higher opacity skylight material to produce a brightly and naturally lit interior space, reducing the dealership’s energy bill during daylight hours.


Beyond Showmanship


Beyond using engineered fabric structures for car dealership and showrooms, Weatherport structures are used for the following applications:


  • Service and inspection shops
  • Waiting rooms
  • Satellite and/or sales offices
  • Major repair facilities
  • Truck Warehousing
  • Truck Washing Facilities
  • Vehicle Wash Stations / Wash Bays
  • School District Bus Barns


Whether you’re interested in providing additional comfort to customers, protecting your inventory from inclement weather, contextualizing your display to make it pop, cleaning your inventory, or storing an entire fleet of vehicles that are held in reserve for stock, all of your building needs can be met with a custom designed WeatherPort!


WeatherPort fabric structures are remarkably energy efficient, even more incentive to use them for car dealership expansions, repair facilities, or washing stations! WeatherPort car dealership facilities can be separated from the main sales building, as stand-alone facilities, or attached as an extension of the main sales building – perfect for dealerships looking to expand their showroom or add additional sales and support offices in a fraction of the time compared to traditional remodels and construction.


WeatherPort structures can be insulated and heated or cooled, just as you would do with a conventional building. We produce insulation and air distribution systems, as well as lighting and electrical systems that integrate seamlessly with our building systems to provide a better level of comfort for employees and guests.


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