Fun in the sun is a nice thought, until the sunburns and overheating set in.

If you’re running a water park, there are a lot of precautions you need to always follow. Is the water treated properly? Are lifeguards up to date on certifications? Do the food vendors have a sanitary prep and service area? 

Without proper planning, all the “what ifs” could keep you up at night or cause costly and timely operational disruptions.

Don’t let refuge from the sun become an oversight. Water park structures are critical to keeping both employees and patrons safe. Furthermore, structures for water parks set boundaries and help people get to where they want to go. 

Read on to learn how fabric structures from WeatherPort® Shelter Systems can provide you and your guests with memorable experiences to last a lifetime. 

Start the Experience Right With Tickets and Admissions in the Shade

Imagine finally getting to the water park on a nice sunny day. You get your overstuffed bag full of towels, snacks, and sunscreen and approach the entrance. Then, you see the long line to get in. And realize you need to slap some sunscreen on or sunburn will ruin your entire day before you even enter the park. 

Possibly even worse, without a designated ticketing area, people won’t know where to go. This could result in poor online reviews, less attendance, and a loss in revenue. 

Don’t let your patrons get a sunburn before they even get inside. And don’t subject your employees to getting heat stroke during their shift. 

Instead, utilize the fabric structures by WeatherPort to both establish the ticketing and admission areas while providing relief from the sun. 

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A Shade Structure Provides a Shaded Spot for Patrons to Escape the Hot Sun

Providing areas out of the blistering sun is more than just a luxury. It’s a necessity. 

A day of summer fun can go south pretty quickly without the right precautions. That’s why you must provide your guests with an area to rest in the shade. 

Choosing to bypass this feature could land you in legal trouble, too. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Heatstroke requires immediate medical attention to prevent permanent damage to your brain and other vital organs that can result in death.”

Medical personnel should be on hand to help with any injuries or sickness that occurs, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Moreover, the medical professionals on-site also need a safe place to treat guests. 

Help keep everyone safe by providing shade structures to create shaded areas for guests and private, sanitary stations for medical issues that may arise. 

Private Parties Need an Event Structure and Privacy

Some lucky kids cannot wait to host their birthday party at your water park. 

To encourage private parties at your location, help make it extra special. Plus, taking reservations for private parties could be just the extra revenue you’re looking for. 

Because WeatherPort’s fabric structures come in a variety of sizes, you can meet the special requests of all your guests. Also, the low-cube packing of WeatherPort’s fabric buildings allows for easy storage. Keep some extra on hand to pull out when the reservations start rolling in, or set up and leave them in place to create a designated and colorful cabana for birthday celebrations!

This area can be where the party starts — where everyone leaves their belongings and then meets back up for cake and ice cream (a must-have for those hot summer days). Because a private party will reserve the fabric structure, birthday decorations can make it even more special.

WeatherPort’s engineered cabanas and gazebos provide just the right amount of flair and function that will leave your guests with lasting memories.  

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Expand Operations Without an Entire Overhaul of the Water Park’s Infrastructure

Need to add new dining facilities?

Or bathrooms?

A place for people to shower and change before the drive home?

Pool enclosures to provide year-round access?

At first, these ideas sound expensive. But, WeatherPort’s fabric structures can meet your water park’s needs quickly and effectively, as well as provide many cost-saving benefits. 

As your water park grows in popularity, you’ll need to add to the infrastructure.

Instead of building water park facilities using conventional methods, consider versatile and prefabricated structures from WeatherPort. Our fabric structures are custom-designed to meet your building needs and offer a rapid setup and drastically reduced construction schedules to provide the additional infrastructure you need to expand your water park or create new indoor attractions. Unlike traditional buildings, our fabric structures can be taken down and relocated as the needs of the water park change or left in place and used year-round. 

Dining Facilities to Feed the Hungry Guests

Enhance your water park with custom-designed dining facilities using  fabric structures from WeatherPort. Our on-site dining facilities provide guests with a designated area to rest and recharge, and are available up to 150-feet wide and to any length! Choose from open-air designs that offer shade from the intense heat of the sun or fully enclosed and temperature-controlled dining facilities, complete with HVAC systems. 

Give Your Guests the Gift of Showers

Yes, you can easily provide private showers for your guests without going over budget. WeatherPort’s fabric structures can be outfitted with shower stalls to give guests the option to shower before the ride home. 

Long Bathroom Lines Are Never a Good Look

We’ve all stood in what may seem like the longest bathroom line in the world. Long bathroom lines at water parks are not cool! Quite literally, without a shaded spot to wait in line, guests that have to go are forced to subject themselves to the blistering heat and left to consider potential and unsanitary alternatives for relieving themselves elsewhere… dare we say, in the pool? Ewww!

Rather than having guests spend half the time in line, add more bathrooms with WeatherPort’s fabric structures. The tensioned fabric membranes can incorporate flushing toilets. Give guests the ability to quickly find a bathroom facility and save time without lengthy construction using conventional buildings.

Customizable and Scalable Fabric Building Solutions for Water Parks

Fabric buildings from WeatherPort are completely customizable and scalable solutions to grow with your water park’s needs. 

WeatherPort fabric structures offer the following benefits:

  • Custom-designed to meet your water park’s building needs with a nearly endless number of building models, sizes, and features (windows, doors, flooring, HVAC, insulation, lighting and electrical systems, and much more!)
  • Engineered to meet specific wind and snow loads for safe year-round operation
  • Powder-coated, high-strength metal frames are available — especially for water parks located near the coast where sea spray, salt air, or high humidity is present, or if being used to enclose a pool!
  • Fast production time… did we mention we have over 325,000 square feet of production space?
  • Low-cube delivery for fast and easy transportation
  • Minimal foundation requirements allow fabric buildings from WeatherPort to be installed on virtually any level surface!
  • Minimal tools required
  • Easy-to-follow instructions allow our fabric buildings to be set up by nonskilled labor. We do offer supervisors and setup crews if you need the additional help!
  • Drastically reduced construction schedules compared to typical building construction
  • American-made craftsmanship and fabric buildings made using the highest-quality materials for long-lasting durability
  • Once installed, our fabric structures are virtually maintenance-free, allowing you to spend more time focusing on guest experience and not constant and expensive upkeep!

Create a Colorful Water Park Experience with Custom-Designed Fabric Buildings

Choose from a variety of color options to match your brand or water park’s color theme! 

Working with a WeatherPort building specialist, we can create a building solution that will blend in with the beauty and look of your existing infrastructure, or stand out and grab attention. Need bright and different color pool-side cabanas or a red medical tent for the bumps and bruises? How about a rainbow-colored building for your on-site dining facility? 

In addition to a large selection of tensioned fabric colors, we also offer custom-printed logos and designs! Want a safari-themed water park with tiger-striped buildings, or cabanas that feature tropical destination names? We can help you accomplish the look you envision! “Bermuda, Bahama…” — try not getting that song stuck in your head!

WeatherPort is one of the only fabric building manufacturers that has the technical expertise (and really expensive equipment) to print near magazine-quality and UV-stabilized images directly onto our tensioned fabric membranes. 

WeatherPort’s Water Park Structures Are Designed and Engineered to Last Decades

Whether your water park is open year-round or seasonally, fabric structures from WeatherPort are designed for long-lasting durability.

Our tensioned fabric membranes are mold- and mildew-resistant, will not rot, are UV-stabilized using a proprietary blend of materials (not coated like inexpensive PVC- or PE-based covers), have a higher abrasion resistance, and can be made to meet the fire safety ratings required by the California Code of Regulations for tensioned membrane structures.

It is not uncommon for us to hear from customers that have used their WeatherPort fabric building for 10, 20, or 30-plus years!

Our custom-designed fabric buildings  have been used by tens of thousands of customers in over 85 countries. 

Ready to take your water park to the next level? Contact WeatherPort today to discuss your needs and infrastructure goals. 

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