How Fabric Structures Aid in Remote Research Efforts

Whether you’re in charge of a public university’s research efforts or the leader of a privately funded endeavor, getting the most for your money is an integral aspect of any job.

If you work in unpredictable and often inclement weather, protecting your valuable equipment, information systems and personnel should be a top priority. Built for longevity, investing in a quality fabric structure allows you to control costs without sacrificing quality.

Below are a few examples of how a high-quality fabric structure from WeatherPort® will help you improve your research capabilities, protect valuable assets and get a great return on your investment.

Storage and Deployment

First, low-cube packaging and straightforward designs allow your team to quickly pack, deploy, strike, repack and move your tensioned membrane structure without special training or tools. And reusable hard-shell shipping containers protect your fabric building or camp system from accidental damage during transit and shipping.


Second, store-bought tents do not have the strength to stand up to a strong wind, let alone severe storms or temperatures. Double-engineered fabric structures from WeatherPort® offer expert design, best-in-class support and such custom options as in-house powder coating that will increase the lifespan of your structure.

Additionally, WeatherPort engineering is independently tested and certified for safe use and long field life in heavy snow, high wind, drenching rain and extreme climates.


In the end, budget constraints make versatility a key component of any investment in a shelter system. American-made WeatherPort tensioned membrane structures are designed for multifunctional applications.

Uniquely, our customizable shelter solutions and camp systems can accommodate proprietary insulation, generators, HVAC systems and other necessary components.

By choosing WeatherPort, your university research project will get vital shelter solutions that have the versatility to be used for several projects over several years in any climate, saving you money in the long term.

Knowledgeable Building Specialists

Most importantly, WeatherPort hires engineers, designers, installers and project managers from the industries we serve.

This institutional knowledge helps us create fabric buildings that meet the demands of our customers and their projects.

WeatherPort building specialists will work with you to produce fabric buildings and camp systems to your specifications that will arrive on time and on budget.

Ideal for Small Business Expansion

Your business can utilize WeatherPort buildings in a variety of ways:

  • Extended Storage Space
  • Additional Retail Space
  • Shade Solutions
  • Additional Seating Coverage
  • Outdoor Events

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