Five Easy Ways Wineries Can Increase Business With Fabric Structures

Are you a winery owner looking to grow your business in 2021? There are plenty of ways wineries can increase business, and fabric structures are the secret ingredient to help. 

Haven’t heard of fabric structures? 

Businesses from hotel resorts to golf courses use fabric structures, like those from WeatherPort® Shelter Systems, to increase their business! Fabric structures are durable, portable, and customizable buildings that are quick and simple to set up. 

WeatherPort fabric structures are the highest-quality products on the market. And now, wineries can take full advantage of them to increase their business year-round. 

How Wineries Can Use Fabric Structures

Fabric structures aren’t just a trendy addition to an outdoor space. The truth is… They play a major role in elevating customers’ experience and increasing business. Here are five easy ways wineries can increase business.

1. Year-Round Tasting Rooms and Beer Gardens

Wine tasting and beer gardens are the perfect outdoor summer activity! Why should the fun stop once cold weather arrives?

With heated outdoor structures, customers can finally enjoy the beer garden experience year-round! WeatherPort fabric structures have easy roll-up side curtains to quickly create a protected, enclosed, and insulated space. That means you’ll have happy, comfortable customers in any climate!

As a result, limited seating during the colder months will be a thing of the past. Your winery can increase business during typically slow months and keep your sales high year-round.

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2. A Unique Space for Private Events

Another one of the ways wineries can increase business with fabric structures is by building a unique space for private events.

Fabric structures transform your winery into a venue for any of the following:

  • Weddings
  • Business gatherings
  • Celebrations
  • Product release parties

Big events can bring in big profits. But even more, they open up your winery to plenty of new customers. Make a great impression by hosting the event in an elegant fabric structure.

Check out the wide range of outdoor party tents from WeatherPort®. They aren’t just any old party tents. Our fabric structures are strong enough to withstand the stress of heavy rain, wind, and snow. Plus, they can be custom-printed for a beautiful exterior design.

3. Exclusive Club-Member Areas

If your winery doesn’t already offer one, then starting a club membership is a fantastic way to increase your business. 

There are lots of wine club membership models out there. But overall, it allows customers to opt-in for special members-only perks, like the following:

  • Scheduled wine deliveries
  • Admission to members-only events
  • First access to limited-edition wines
  • Special pricing
  • Reserved seating in members-only areas of the winery

And that’s where fabric structures come in… 

Nothing says “exclusivity” like sipping limited edition wine in a members-only luxury yurt! Your club members will be frequent fliers to your winery more than ever before… Meaning more business for you.

Plus, WeatherPort’s luxury yurts are as gorgeous and comfortable as they are durable. With a range of sizing and color options, you can design a luxury yurt that will have your club members signing-up all of their friends and family too.

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4. Pop-Up Retail Store

When the holiday season comes around, everyone is looking to find unique gifts for their loved ones. This is the perfect time to put your wine and wine-adjacent products on display!

Set up gorgeous displays in a themed pop-up retail store. Fabric structures are the perfect option for retail pop-ups because they are completely portable. Wineries can easily pop-up and disassemble their store in a matter of minutes. 

Having a devoted section of your winery for holiday shoppers to peruse will make it easier for you to sell. And, your customers will be happy that you’re making it easier for them to buy their holiday gifts.

5. Recording Studio for Virtual Events

Everyone and their grandma has had to learn how to use virtual event platforms like Zoom over the past year. Wineries can take advantage of the Zoom boom by hosting virtual wine-tasting and pairing events!

Virtual events are one of the quickest and easiest ways wineries can increase their business. This is because online events are open to audiences of any size, anywhere in the world. 

After all, who wouldn’t want a full winery experience from the comfort of their own home? 

To get started hosting virtual events, wineries will want to have a recording space that has the following:

  • A quiet noise level
  • A well-lit and staged area for recording
  • High-speed Wi-Fi in range
  • Enough outlets to power streaming equipment

Finding this space inside of a busy winery can be tough. But it’s easy with a WeatherPort fabric structure! Check out some of the beautiful private cabin options that wineries can use as their own personal virtual event recording studio.

Your fabric structure recording studio will be…

  • Separate from the hustle and bustle of your crowded winery
  • A weatherproof space to store your recording equipment
  • Decked out with a plug-and-play electrical system
  • Picturesque with large windows pouring in natural light

You’ll be hosting expertly curated virtual events in no time! 

How to Add a Fabric Structure to Your Winery 

If you’re excited about all the ways wineries can increase business with fabric structures, then the next step is to add one to yours! WeatherPort makes it simple to do.

Choose the Fabric Structure for Your Needs

First, get in touch with our friendly building specialists. Let them know what ways you’re planning to increase your business this year. 

Whether it’s due to COVID-19 or the wildfires that affected many Californian wineries, you may be searching for fabric structures to offer additional tasting room space. That way, your customers can enjoy everything your winery offers while staying socially distant!

Whatever your needs, our building specialists help you choose the fabric structure that will best suit your business!

Decide on the Design

Next, you’ll want to start customizing your fabric structure’s design. You’ll want to consider the following:

  • Size. This will depend on how much outdoor space you have available.
  • Number of windows. Decide how many windows your fabric structure should have. Yurts can even have a skylight! After all, is there really such a thing as too much natural light?
  • Color. Choose a color that matches the color scheme of your winery! You can even outfit your structure with your winery’s logo.
  • Temperature control. Want to keep your customers comfortable while saving on your heating and cooling bill? Consider adding WeatherPort’s proprietary EnerLayer™ insulation to your structure.
  • Electrical needs. If you or your customers want to plug in while enjoying the outdoors, consider a fabric structure with a plug-and-play electrical system!

If you have questions about any of these design features, our building specialists are here to help.

Start Enjoying Your Fabric Structure

Finally, we will ship your fabric structure straight to the setup location. The best part is, WeatherPort’s packaging makes shipping very cost-effective! 

Once it arrives on your doorstep, setting up the structure is easy to do. Depending on the building size and configuration, it can be built in a short period of time without hiring outside help. 

That way, you can start improving your winery’s business without the added time and costs of typical building construction. We’re excited to see all of the ways wineries can increase business with a little help from our thoughtfully designed structures. To request a quote or learn more, contact us today

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