How Production Companies Use WeatherPort Fabric Structures for TV Shows and Movies

Many TV show and movie production companies invest in engineered fabric structures for props, prop storage, wardrobe, makeup, and much more. Not only are the work spaces more spacious and comfortable than conventional trailers, they reduce restrictions to allow more creative freedom. 

Using Fabric Structures for Props and Production On Movie and Television Sets

Bringing props to life alone can be quite a challenge. Rather than choosing between lengthy prop creation and unrealistic cost-saving alternatives, many production companies have found fabric structures from WeatherPort® Shelter Systems to be the perfect choice. 

Not only do the structures provide realistic settings, their versatility allows them to be used throughout the set to create comfortable work spaces protected from the elements. For instance, fabric buildings make great props. But they also provide the perfect work space to create and store additional props. 

Engineered Fabric Buildings Make Versatile Props

You can use WeatherPort’s tensioned fabric buildings for a variety of industries across the board, including:

When set designers need any of the above spaces on-screen, they can easily utilize fabric structures. Imagine the shelters seen in adventure, sci-fi, and war movies. Whether it’s a soldier’s tent, a mess hall in the middle east, or a tent harboring space aliens, they can all be incredibly realistic with the help of WeatherPort’s customizable fabric buildings. 

Fabric Structures Behind the Scenes 

For the amount of screen time in which a viewer watches a production, there are many more hours behind the scenes bringing it all together. Rather than the cramped and stuffy trailers conventionally used on sets, many are seeing the benefits of utilizing fabric structures instead.

Dining Areas for Cast and Crew

Gone are the days of grabbing pre-boxed sandwiches from under a poorly protected pop-up tent. Instead, with WeatherPort’s tensioned fabric structures, you can provide a proper dining area for your cast and crew to eat and relax in. 

The quality of a meal can set the tone for the rest of the day. If your crew is eating outside in the sun, they’ll be depleting their energy more quickly. But with climate-controlled fabric structures and a full kitchen with running water, meal time can be the energy boost everyone needs to continue through a highly productive day. 

Spacious Wardrobe and Makeup Studios

It was once the norm to have the makeup artists go from trailer to trailer preparing the cast to be on screen. Wardrobes would take up much of the valuable space cast members could use to rehearse lines and relax between takes. But with WeatherPort’s fabric structures, entire makeup and wardrobe studios can be set up on site. Fabric structures for wardrobe and makeup is the new trend!

With air conditioning and heating options, everyone can stay comfortable despite the weather. 

Additional benefits of using fabric structures for wardrobe and makeup studios include:

  • Social distancing friendly: WeatherPort’s fabric structures can provide much more space than typical makeup and wardrobe trailers. This is perfect for practicing social distancing and just giving everyone some personal space. 
  • Personal changing rooms: Customizable fabric structures can be built out to have multiple changing rooms. This eliminates the need for renting a fleet of trailers while ensuring everyone has privacy during wardrobe changes. 
  • Temperature control: Weatherport’s HVAC systems fit seamlessly into all of our fabric structures. This allows production to provide cost-effective comfortable temperatures to the cast and crew. 
  • Customizable bathrooms: Depending on your behind-the-scenes production needs, you can provide both private or communal bathrooms with toilets, sinks, and even showers. 
  • Plug-and-play: WeatherPort’s plug-and-play electrical systems take the pain out of figuring out energy sources. No need to have extension cords running between each structure. Everything from lighting to plugging in hot hair tools is simple and efficient. 

Fabric Structures for Props, Prop-Building Work, and Storage Space

As you’ve read, fabric structures can be used for much more than as a prop. One of the great uses is providing work space for creating and storing props. The many prop-building benefits of fabric structures include:

  • On-set prop production: When props are built on set, there is no need to pay to transport them. 
  • Availability: Productions are no stranger to tight timelines. When the props are already on location, they can be utilized at any time. 
  • Protection from the elements: Nothing is worse than watching costly and time-consuming props being damaged by bad weather. WeatherPort’s weather-resistant fabric shelters protect props and people from even the most extreme weather. 
  • Door options: Not all props are the same. Some require large doorways to transport props and other equipment to a location without disassembling the structure. With WeatherPort’s variety of door options, you can make sure your props can make their exit whenever needed. 
  • Electrical systems: Utilizing lighting and power tools is simple with WeatherPort’s easy to use plug-and-play electrical systems

WeatherPort’s in-house design team can custom-design any fabric building to meet your exact needs. Whether you like what we have in stock or need something designed just for your production, our team can make it happen. 

Benefits of Utilizing Fabric Buildings for Television and Movie Production

The versatility of WeatherPort’s fabric structures provides many benefits to film production, both on and off screen. For your next set, invest in the tensioned fabric buildings that will last past the stages of your production. 

Long-Lasting Durability

Built to last, WeatherPort’s fabric membrane structures can be utilized time and again. Rather than reserving new facilities for each location change, save time and money by investing in fabric structures. Just one pass through production will have you seeing the money-saving benefits. 

Suitable for Extreme Weather Conditions

Typical movie set trailers are not only cramped, but also do a poor job in providing comfortable temperatures. 

WeatherPort’s structures are designed to provide protection from the elements. For more extreme climates, several additional options are available to ensure comfortable temperatures while saving on the cost of energy

Simple to Relocate and Reuse

Of all the highly beneficial features of fabric structures, those who choose to transport and reuse the buildings find WeatherPort’s easy-to-assemble and disassemble structures very appealing. 

As they can be erected on nearly any level surface, production teams can create shelter for props and behind the scenes in no time. Low-cube packing allows for easy transportation and cost-efficient shipping when needed. 

Integrate Flexible Designs Into Your Production Facilities, Both On and Off Screen

Designing movie and television production sets can be easy with the right tools. WeatherPort’s customizable fabric structures allow for rugged use while maintaining flexibility. 

If you need to start production quickly, WeatherPort is the place to call. WeatherPort has the ability to quickly produce and ship custom-built structures in a fraction of the time compared to other prefabricated building providers. Traditional construction crews are not necessary, as the simple-to-assemble buildings can go up in minutes to hours (depending on the building model and size). However, WeatherPort can send a crew to construct your fabric structures if needed.

To get started on your next production, contact a WeatherPort building specialist today!


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