WeatherPort® Provides Production Companies Unique Fabric Structures for Movies & Television Shows

Props are a key part of any movie or television show, where essentially any item an actor interacts with is part of making the setting believable and realistic, as well as drawing the audience into the story and experiences of the characters. This goes for every chair, phone, computer, lightsaber, and sword in any and all films.

As part of the whole experience, it’s important that all props are believable and as close to reality as possible, if they are not actually the real thing. If a prop doesn’t look the part, the entire scene loses credibility and the magic might be lost. In the past, due to the limitations of older technology and electronic capabilities, the viewers couldn’t really see close up to notice slight imperfections in the props, so reality wasn’t as much of an issue. Movies and television shows produced today, are recorded in Hi-Resolution definition, intended for Blu-Ray, and now 4k televisions, allowing the viewer to see the smallest and minute details in splendid definition. With such capabilities, lower quality and fake props can’t be used anymore without negatively effecting viewership.

So, when Disney, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, TriStar Pictures, or other production companies are looking to produce their next big budget movie or television show, it often makes more sense to lease the actual article for use as a prop rather than spend the money to buy or build a prop that looks like a tensioned fabric structure.

WeatherPort creates the engineered fabric structures used by many industries, and around the world. Since opening its doors in 1968, WeatherPort has custom designed and manufactured structures for production companies, just like those used by the real-life characters portrayed in movies and television shows.

If you are a producer, associate producer, or set designer, and have an upcoming need for support facilities or fabric structures needed to create a realistic looking movie or television set, contact us by calling (970) 399-5909 today! You may also request a consultation by submitting an inquiry via email ( or using our online contact form.

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