Thankfully, many startups and small businesses across the United States are growing at a rapid pace. That growth is a good sign for a recovering economy. While new growth can be stressful for small business owners, because of labor expenses and costs, orders multiplying in magnitude and new clients ordering merchandise is a positive thing. In some cases, a small business or startup’s growth necessitates the addition to or expansion of facilities.

Instead of wasting time and money with long construction schedules and site preparation, choose a versatile fabric building from WeatherPort®. When money is tight or holiday orders demand more seasonal help and/or space, a fabric structure offers a great return on investment. Here’s how:

Lean and Flexible

Whether you need a studio, additional private office space, equipment storage, manufacturing facilities or packing and material processing centers, a portable fabric building offers an ideal solution. Designed and engineered for rapid installation, disassembly and relocation, an American-made WeatherPort will pay immediate and long-term dividends as your operations expand. Thanks to their spacious designs, WeatherPorts provide open interiors without support columns that eliminate valuable floor space.

Energy Efficient

Manufacturers seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and energy consumption need to invest in fabric building systems from WeatherPort. Our composite fabrics have high thermal emittance and allow in natural light while blocking harmful UV rays. WeatherPort tensioned membrane structures can maintain interior temperatures 15°F cooler than hot exterior temperatures and 15°F warmer than cold external temperatures.

Our buildings can accommodate systems installed by contractors. We also offer:

  • electrical systems
  • environmental control units
  • built-in lighting options that follow the same energy-conscious philosophy that goes into the WeatherPort manufacturing process.

High Quality

Most workers would balk at the notion of “working in a tent.” The phrase brings to mind a pup tent in the middle of the woods or a flimsy canvas popup, but step into a WeatherPort up to 150 feet wide and any length and minds will be instantly changed. High-quality composite fabrics, high-strength metal frames and custom options like HVAC systems and proprietary insulation means your additional workspace may be more comfortable than your actual office. American-made WeatherPort® are also durable enough for permanent use in any climate.

Ready to expand your operations without the budget-busting expense of adding facilities made using outdated construction materials? Incorporate a competitively priced WeatherPort fabric building solution and watch your business grow.

For more information or to order your WeatherPort today, call +1-970-399-5909, email or contact us online.


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