Eight Outdoor Structures for Country Clubs to Improve Business Quickly

If you’re looking to improve your country club’s business this year, there are plenty of places to start. While still needing to adhere to safety requirements due to COVID, outdoor structures allow country clubs to create outdoor spaces for patrons and guests to safely enjoy! 

Whether you want to improve, expand, or build new facilities for your country club or attract, retain, and cater to new and younger club members with additional services and benefits, outdoor structures can help!

But not all outdoor structures are created equal. While a pop-up canopy bought at a local retail store is a cheap and fast solution for creating individual spaces for guests to seek shade or protection from the elements, they are not engineered and designed for sudden gusts of wind or unexpected weather changes. For this reason, they cannot be left up and used year-round.

And then there are the typical party tents that everyone is familiar with. How do you intend to make a great first impression if the outdoor space you are creating is made with the same style pole tent that everyone else uses? While some party tents do offer a higher degree of weather resistance when compared to typical pop-up canopies, these unattractive solutions do not meet building code and permitting will only allow them to be used for short periods of time.

Besides building an additional outdoor facility from wood or brick-and-mortar, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a building solution that offered the same speed and ease of use as a pop-up canopy or party tent, but was designed to be used year-round, and engineered to meet your country club’s specific building code for wind and snow loads?

Engineered fabric structures are the game-changing secret to improving your country club’s business, and doing it fast. All the while, protecting guests and staff from unexpected wind gusts or sudden weather changes.

Haven’t heard of engineered fabric structures before? 

They are durable, portable, and customizable buildings that are quick and simple to set up! WeatherPort® Shelter Systems makes the highest-quality fabric structures on the market. And now, country clubs can use them to increase their club’s value and improve business — all while lowering long-term running costs! Here’s how.

How Country Clubs Can Quickly Improve Business With Fabric Structures 

Here are eight ideas of how engineered fabric structures can be used for quickly improving the business of your country club!

1. Start Off On the Right Foot With Covered Parking

Parking is normally the last thing country clubs think about when it comes to member experience. But the truth is, parking is the first thing guests do when they arrive! 

Whether your country club offers valet parking, self-parking, or both, guests want their cars to be safe. So make sure you start off on the right foot by having covered vehicle parking for members. 

Don’t worry — you don’t have to start construction on a new parking lot to up your parking game. Instead, install a WeatherPort fabric structure on virtually any level surface. 

In addition to creating covered parking spaces, provide guests with a covered walk-way, valet kiosks, and waiting area using custom-designed fabric structures. No more worrying about returning to a sizzling hot or snow-covered car. Your members will thank you!

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2. Increase Restaurant Visits With Outdoor Dining Structures

If your food and drink sales aren’t where you want them to be, try taking your dining outside! You’ll serve more members at once — during the pandemic or otherwise. 

Plus, it’s an easy way to elevate the overall dining experience. Your members will come to enjoy meals and drinks, complete with a gorgeous view of your picturesque property. A dining experience that beautiful will make them want to bring friends and family along too!

And, with covered outdoor seating structures from WeatherPort, it’s easier than ever to have comfortable dining outdoors year-round. With their easy roll-up side curtains you can quickly create a protected, enclosed, and insulated space in any weather. Cheers to that! 

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3. Lower Maintenance Costs With Covered Pool Enclosures

Your country club’s outdoor pool is the perfect hang-out on clear summer days. But what if the fun could keep going, even without perfect weather?

WeatherPort fabric pool enclosures do just that! They keep your pool comfortable for members while they swim. So they focus more on fun and less on:

  • Pesky bugs
  • Rain or snow
  • Cold temperatures
  • Gusting winds
  • Harmful UV rays

Of course, pool enclosures made from glass take time to build andare fragile. Wood-built structures don’t bode well with the humidity a pool creates and can quickly start to grow mold and mildew. WeatherPort fabric structures, once installed, are virtually maintenance-free. The high-strength frame can be powder coated to offer long-lasting protection against the humidity and chemicals used in your country club’s pool. The tensioned fabric membrane is mold- and mildew-resistant, and will not rot. Give members peace of mind and the enjoyment of swimming in the middle of winter, and not having to deal with the constant upkeep associated with having an indoor pool made of convention building materials. It’s a win-win!

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4. Keep Tennis Going Year-Round With Covered Tennis Courts

Pool enclosures aren’t the only outdoor structures for country clubs that help improve business year-round. Covered tennis courts offer another way to keep member visits high, even during cold winter months. 

Snow can’t stop members from serving up some fun inside a covered tennis court from WeatherPort! They act just like an indoor recreation facility. But they save you the costly and time-consuming construction of typical wood-built structures, steel buildings, or brick-and-mortar buildings. 

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5. Make Golf More Social With Outdoor Structures

If you’re looking to attract younger generations to your country club’s golf course, making the often solo sport more social may be the answer! 

According to Business Insider, golf takes a back seat to social and family-centered activities for younger members. So adding a way for spectators to join in on the fun will be a major lure!

Sprinkle some gorgeous gazebos or cabanas along the course for friends and family to enjoy. WeatherPort structures can be built on any flat surface in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the structure size and model. You’ll have a set of fabric structures on your golf course for social gatherings set up in no time!

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6. Keep Members Interested With Structures for Dynamic Outdoor Lounging

Part of keeping members loyal to your country club is about keeping them interested! If they’ve been a member for years, they’ll notice whether or not your country club is investing their dues to make improvements over time. If you don’t make changes, they’ll venture somewhere else that does. 

One solution is to add new equipment or renovate your facilities to keep members interested. But what if you could reinvent your country club every few months, without those extra costs associated with renovations? 

With WeatherPort’s outdoor structures for country clubs, you can. Our fabric structures are completely portable, so you can easily rearrange them for a fresh look, anytime. Members will be impressed by all of the updates to your outdoor lounging areas and keep coming back for years to come. 

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7. Appeal to More Members With Family-Friendly Spaces by Using Fabric Structures

Traditionally, country clubs were reserved mostly for husbands and fathers. Only occasionally did they bring their families along for dinner. But now, things have shifted. Younger generations are looking for a more family-centric experience

Appeal to young prospective members with family-friendly country club outdoor structures. WeatherPort has a variety of options to choose from. With a family game space, younger kids can play while mom and dad catch up with friends!  

8. Host Special Events With Country Club Outdoor Structures

Country clubs are a highly sought after venue for weddings and other special private events. Odds are, many clients want their events outdoors so they can have your beautiful property as a backdrop.

Before you decide to keep renting party canopies and party tents for your outdoor events, consider buying a fabric structure. By owning a WeatherPort outdoor structure, you’ll save plenty on renting costs. All fabric structures from WeatherPort offer the following benefits:

  • Have a long life-cycle.
  • Take up minimal storage space when not in use.
  • Can be used year-round.
  • Require little to no maintenance.
  • Have a quick and user-friendly setup.

Plus, you’ll have a structure that’s more durable than other typical party tents. WeatherPort fabric structures are engineered to keep the guests safe in even the worst weather conditions. Rained or snowed-out events will be a thing of the past! That way, you can host more events and earn more from them this year.

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How to Get Your Country Club Outdoor Structures

Now that you know how adding country club outdoor structures can improve (and even grow) your business, here’s how to start putting the plan into action. 

Choose the Fabric Structures for Your Needs

Frist, decide which country club outdoor structures will be best for your business based on your goals. 

For example, if your country club’s main priority is attracting younger members, choose structures that help your club focus on family-centric and social activities. On the other hand, if your club is trying to increase member loyalty, you can try the dynamic outdoor lounging strategy!

If you’re not sure where to start, WeatherPort® has unbeatable customer support to help you along the way. Just contact our friendly building specialists with your goals, and they’ll help find the perfect outdoor structure solution for your club.

Decide on the Design

WeatherPort fabric structures are highly customizable. You can decide on every detail, including:

To get a better idea, take a look at all of the customization options available for our 10′ x 10′ canopy. Our new quote builder enables you to custom-design your own canopy from the comfort of your home.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Your Outdoor Structures

Once you decide on the details, your new country club outdoor structures are sent straight to your location. Plus, the smart, low-cube packaging keeps shipping time fast and costs low! That way, you’ll be able to start making improvements to your country club faster than ever. Discover what WeatherPort can do for you today. 


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