Dominate the Slopes with WeatherPort at Ski Resorts

WeatherPort Structures was born in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the legacy stays with us today. This deeply engrained cold weather mentality makes WeatherPort the ideal fabric structure for ski resorts all around the world.


A WeatherPort Warming Hut provides safe shelter for skiers despite being buried under deep snow.

If your structures need replacement or you’re trying to upgrade your resort with more interior space, WeatherPort tensile structures are the perfect solution. We have Warming Huts equipped with insulation, HVAC, and electrical systems, huge fabric ski lodges that are much easier to install than a traditional building, Rental Shops that are easy to move to different locations, Starting Gates for your slope’s races, and even coverings for snow groomers.

Our other tents and structures have applications for ski resorts as well. Our canopies can make for a perfect shade for an outdoor event or covering for snowmobiles. If you’re looking for a mobile kitchen, our WeatherPort Dining Facilities can handle large-scale food preparation and dining requirements. We also have options available for Disaster Recovery Areas, ice fishing camps, and cold-weather glamping with our beautiful WeatherPort Yurts.


A WeatherPort DAGB Series fabric building is used as a snow groomer garage at a ski resort.

WeatherPort designs all of its structures to be the best in the world and we have the experience to back that up. For more than 45 years, we’ve been building structures that withstand the toughest environments. Our clients and customers rely on WeatherPort for its reliability and portability, which means we’ve seen WeatherPort structures in every corner of the globe.

When you’re ready to upgrade your mountain ski resort, rely on WeatherPort to meet your every need. Chances are that we’ve got a solution, no matter your intended use. Call us today at +1-970-399-5909 or contact us using this form.

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