Custom Glamping Yurts: How WeatherPort® Can Meet Your Needs

Imagine fog rising off a valley lake like the steam from your fresh cup of French press coffee. You’re the first person awake and the view from the deck of your luxury yurt is yours and yours alone. This is why you love glamping.

If you’re unfamiliar with glamping, it’s a vacation option that combines the natural beauty of camping with the glamorous accommodations of a lavish hotel. Think of it as lodging that’s a million miles away from roughing it in a tent.

Yurts are an increasingly popular choice for people who want their own high-end glamping shelter. The yurt was incredibly modern when it emerged more than 2,500 years ago in Asia. It was portable, easy to install and could be customized to meet the demands of changing seasons. But times changed, societies became more rooted and the yurt fell out of favor — until now.

The engineers at WeatherPort transformed the yurt from an ancient shelter system to one that meets the demands of the modern world. WeatherPort trades the animal skins and wood frames of the past for the composite fabric membranes and high-strength architectural support systems of the future.

weatherport-18-wide-yurt-mountain-main-1WeatherPort Yurts feature:

  • Spacious open floor plans
  • Attractive designs
  • Low-cube packaging for quick, economical shipping
  • Easy installation on any level surface
  • Secure anchoring, with or without foundations
  • Customizable interior space
  • Optional climate-control systems
  • Optional decks and wood floors

Need space?

weatherport-18-wide-yurt-interior-gallery-1WeatherPort’s designers can create American-made yurts of almost any size, with popular models ranging from 16 feet to 20 feet in diameter or more. That’s enough space to sleep five or more comfortably.

Worried about comfort?

WeatherPort yurts can accommodate proprietary insulation to any R-value of thermal resistance. Plug-and-play electrical systems and ample electrical outlets ensure your yurt has the power you need. HVAC systems will keep you comfortable in any season, and a sealed interior environment keeps the outdoors where they belong.

What about other amenities?

weatherport=18-wide-yurt-loft-small-side-1WeatherPort also offers lighting systems, custom door and window packages, and attractive and spacious deck packages for grilling out and chilling out. Incredible interior space allows you to add furniture, appliances and plumbing. WeatherPort offers furniture and appliance packages or you can provide your own.

But what if you’re installing your yurt in a remote area?

WeatherPort has rugged generators and environmental control units for remote areas without access to public utilities.

Why build a yurt instead of something else?

Yurt (1024x578) - Image for Applications - Camp Configoration - 3D - 20141201WeatherPort Yurts are easier to install on any level surface with minimal site preparation than wood, metal or brick-and-mortar shelters. This reduces build times and lowers construction costs. Yurts can be shipped in low-cube packaging to reduce delivery times and expenses.

Are tensioned membrane yurts as safe as other buildings?

WeatherPort engineering is independently tested and certified for wind loads and snow loads. Every WeatherPort Yurt meets the 2012 IBC Building Code, ASCE/SEI 7, and AISC standards of design and construction.

Want more information?

Contact WeatherPort to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable fabric building specialist.



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