Outdoor Restaurant Seating for Social Distancing and Reopening After COVID-19

As parts of the country cautiously reopen after widespread closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, some restaurants are being allowed to resume business with limited outdoor seating under specific state ordinances. This means that restaurants without previous outdoor seating areas are now scrambling to set up new high-quality, attractive, and durable structures for outdoor restaurant seating to keep people at

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Behind the Design: Yurts & Insulation Systems for Extreme Climates

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with a yurt for personal or professional use. Yurts are durable, portable, environmentally friendly, and can be designed for energy efficiency. It can bring you closer to nature, but not so close that you’re missing out on a comfy bed behind a locked door. They are more long-lasting and functional than any camping tent but don’t have any of the pitfalls of a permanent structure; this makes yurts a fantastic investment for anyone who works close to nature or loves the outdoors.


The Energy Impact of Legal Cannabis Production

Around the nation, more states are legalizing cannabis production for recreational use. Large legal growing operations are very lucrative but can also use a lot of energy. For example, the legal marijuana industry accounts for 2% of Denver’s electricity use. Marijuana growers have options to eliminate energy waste and to make things more cost effective. One option is to use our energy-efficient grow tents for your legal cannabis growing operation.


Building a Pool? A Brief Guide to Pool Ownership

You may be considering buying and building a pool as things start to heat up this summer. Before buying your own pool, read our brief pool ownership guide to learn about everything you need for your new pool. You may not want to hire a pool maintenance service and this guide can help prepare you for pool maintenance work. Our guide has information about pool upkeep, checking chemical levels, and protecting your pool. WeatherPort offers pool enclosures that can provide protection for pools at a lower cost than traditional buildings.

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