A Match Made in Colorado: Royal Gorge Rafting and Zip Line Tours Now Offers Guests Luxury Yurt Accommodations

The Setting: Colorado’s Best Rafting and Zip Line Touring Company Royal Gorge Rafting and Zip Line Tours is Colorado’s premier white-water rafting, zip line tour, and vacation rental company for individuals and families seeking a fun-filled and adventurous getaway! They are located in Cañon City, about an hour’s drive from Colorado Springs and two hours from Denver. In addition to

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Trailhead Church

The pastor of Trailhead Church wanted to make a good first impression when guests and parishioners enter the church. Trailhead Church is in Graham, North Carolina with a congregation of about 300 people. Pastor Joshua Gresham uses two WeatherPort canopies outside the entrance of the church for decoration and shelter from the weather. Pastor Gresham shares his experience using our WeatherPort canopies for his church.


Bible Baptist Church of Puyallup

The Bible Baptist Church of Puyallup, founded in the 1970s, uses one of our WeatherPort fabric structures for their active church community. In addition to sermons, they host fellowship events and gatherings for the community which the structure hosts. The pastor of the church, Marvin McKenzie, shares his experience building the WeatherPort Jubilee structure. The event structure sits in the courtyard of the church, where they even host wedding receptions. He received customer support when selecting the right structure for the church’s needs and was surprised at the ease it took to build the structure.


WeatherPort® and Customer Loyalty

The Peninsula Swim School is in the Bay area of California and since 1968 they have provided swim lessons to residents. Peninsula Swim School even offers swimming instruction for children under 2 years of age. The school uses WeatherPort pool enclosures and have been using them for decades. The owner of the school, John Aitken, shares his experience using our pool enclosures and how he maintains the facility. Aitken trusts our brand and would recommend our pool enclosures because of their quality and affordability.


Proven Safety in Extreme Environments

We design WeatherPort structures to be durable, long-lasting, and comfortable with a variety of uses. Our SQ Series building was put to the test on Mount Everest, being used for medical operations for the Himalayan Rescue Association. They manage the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic (Everest ER) which is a non-profit medical facility that helps climbers. In April 2015 the region suffered a massive earthquake which caused an avalanche that killed people on Mount Everest. The medical facility was up at the time, using one of our SQ Series buildings to hold operations and those inside the building survived. Dr. Luanne Freer shares her experience inside one of our WeatherPort structures on Mount Everest during the avalanche.


Get a Great Return on Investment With WeatherPort®

While it may be cheaper to buy a shelter off-the-shelf, Our WeatherPort Shelter Systems provide a great return on investment. Ruidoso Winter Park in Alto, New Mexico offers snow tubing, zip lining, and other activities near the Sierra Blanca and Sacramento mountain ranges. The park uses WeatherPort Shelters for their VIP Igloos, which they charge $395 a day. The owner of the park, Tom Dorgan, was very happy with the return he received on his investment. He was also impressed with the performance of the shelters he bought from WeatherPort which he can continue to use for future seasons.


WeatherPort® Shelters for Archaeology

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute began digging at the Old Vero Man Site in 2014. Archaeologists are hoping to find evidence of early human life in North America. They use a 24-foot-by-60 foot WeatherPort heavy gable building as a base for their operations. The building supports archaeologists, students, equipment, and artifacts. Check out our video of operations on site at Vero Beach.


Remote Construction, Low Environmental Impact

It is challenging to build in remote areas, especially those with harsh weather conditions such as extreme cold and heavy snowfall. Keena Heliskiing sits on Canada’s Keena Mountains and is a ski resort with thousands of square miles of scenery and slopes.The ski camp needed shelters for guests that were not only functional and strong but appealing to their guests who pay premium prices to attend the resort. Keena Heliskiing uses our SQ Series fabric structures to provide shelter for their guests. The president of the resort Giacum Frei shares their experience using WeatherPort Shelter Systems.


Treasure Mountain Bible Camp

Treasure Mountain Bible Camp is in the rugged high country of Colorado and provides Christian-themed activities for adults and children. An avalanche destroyed their chapel after 25 years of business. The owners, Ray and Donna Bauman, decided to use a 26’x40’ Jubilee shelter from WeatherPort to replace the old chapel building. The Jubilee shelter provides a space with lighting, insulation, and heating at a lower price than traditional buildings. The Bauman’s share the experience with using the Jubilee shelter and other WeatherPort Shelter Systems.


Luxury in the Wilderness: Why Great Alaska Chose WeatherPort®

Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations is an adventure travel company, offering lodges for guests to stay at while they go fly fishing. They have locations In Alaska, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They needed lodging that could accommodate their guests comfortably, with the versatility to function in multiple locations. The owners chose to use our WeatherPort Systems to meet their business needs and provide high-quality lodging without the high cost of constructing brick-and-mortar buildings. One of the owners, Laurence John shares the experience they’ve had with our WeatherPort Structures.

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