Temporary Housing


Vlog: A Remote Mining Camp in Alaska

Mining and exploration operations turn to WeatherPort for remote camps, sleeping shelters, field kitchens, dining facilities, core shacks and other shelter solutions that ensure endurance in the most weather-intense locations around the world. The portability, ease of setup, ability to quickly relocate, and long-lasting durability of our shelter systems are why mining and exploration companies choose to use WeatherPort. In

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How Fabric Structures Help With Firefighting and Displacement During Wildfire Season

In 2015, the United States had the largest number of areas burned by forest fires and wildfires in a decade, losing over 8 million acres of forest land. In Spring 2016, 97,000 acres burned down so far in seven of our western states, and things may get worse once the rains end. First responders and those who lose their homes due to these fires need shelters to live in, and portable structures are great for this purpose. Temporary housing sets up quickly with the use of portable structures, which is important in emergency situations. We offer shelters at WeatherPort equipped for these types of emergency uses.

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