Ski Resorts


10 WeatherPort® Shelter Systems for Ski Resorts

Ski resorts have a lot of components to them to make sure visitors have a good time and are comfortable. WeatherPort Shelter Systems are an option for ski resorts to protect visitors from the elements, as well as provide a comfortable stay. These shelter systems can cover walkways, house dining halls, serve as storage buildings, maintenance shops, and lodging. They also can be used house extra amenities such as pools and spas, rental and retail shops, and warming huts. You can also use these systems for starting gates or event tents during competitions. Finally, the structures receive third-party testing to confirm their strength and versatility, making them a great option for ski resort applications.


3 Reasons to Choose WeatherPort® Ski Lodges

Buildings are necessary for ski lodges to protect equipment and people from the cold wind and snow. Traditionally log cabins were the building of choice, however, they are now obsolete due to poor insulation and longevity. One possible solution is to use fabric buildings to replace old wooden lodge buildings. Three reasons to choose Weatherport Ski Lodges are their energy-efficiency, portability, and durability. Explore the features of these buildings and their applications for ski lodges.


How a New Fabric Building Can Benefit Your Ski Resort

Winter is coming and it’s time to prepare your ski resort for this season’s traffic. It can be very beneficial to you to use fabric buildings as your resort gets busier to meet the increasing demand while keeping operating costs low. The benefits to using fabric buildings for your ski resort are portability, rapid deployment, energy efficiency, and multipurpose uses. Be sure to explore the options we offer at WeatherPort as you learn more about fabric structures for your ski business.


Dominate the Slopes with WeatherPort® at Ski Resorts

Fabric structures have a lot of benefits and can survive the harshest climates, making them a great option for ski resorts. WeatherPort began making shelters in the Rocky Mountains so they are able to withstand the cold. In addition to being easy and quick to set up, our structures have warming huts, HVAC, insulation and more. Upgrading your ski resort can be simple with fabric structures while keeping your resort luxurious and comfortable.

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