How to Create a Backyard Oasis

We’ve all been spending a lot more time around the house this summer. With vacations and other summer activities delayed or cancelled, finding a way to relax without leaving home is a struggle.  One idea is to turn your backyard into an oasis; an escape without leaving your property, and a place to unwind without traveling. Here are some ways

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Create a Home That Has It All With Fabric Structures

Anyone who has a home with limited space is familiar with the problem of working, exercising, and relaxing. The more time you spend in this space, the less you want to be there. Whether you’ve long been wanting to add rooms to your home or the recent shelter-in-place orders have you wishing you could do more without leaving the house,

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How to Heat Your Greenhouse and Extend Your Growing Season Through Winter

For many gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, the winter season puts a stop to most – if not all – gardening activities. It’s just too cold and the weather is too volatile. Backyard greenhouses can extend your growing season (and therefore your gardening activities) for much longer, and in many cases, a greenhouse can lead to year-round production for your enclosed

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Expand Your Small Business with a Fabric Building!

Your small business may be growing at a rapid rate like many other startup and small business. Although the growth is great, you may not be able to construct any additional spaces or buildings due to costs. One solution is to use a fabric structure instead of a brick-and-mortar building. This would eliminate construction, staff, and site preparation costs. In addition to being a cheaper than other buildings, fabric structures offer flexibility and energy-efficiency while being high quality. WeatherPort offers a host of fabric structures and customization options and you may consider working with our design team while looking for fabric structures for your business.


11 Water-Saving Tips for Gardeners

With a dry season upon us, it’s important to conserve water as well as make sure your plants get enough water. There are 10 ways to make sure plants get enough water without wasting water resources during a dry season. How you plant your plants is important so you must pay attention to the sun, use and maintain mulch and plant in wide beds. Additionally, gardening practices are important for proper watering of plants. You must test garden moisture, water plants in the morning, de-weed the garden, and don’t use garden hoses. Two final tips are to recycle water and use native plants. This guide will help your garden flourish drying any dry season.


Five Things to Consider Before Investing in a Greenhouse

Greenhouses appeal to many, especially commercial gardeners because they protect plants from the elements and allow you to have a growing season all year long. Before you buy a greenhouse, you must recognize that all greenhouses aren’t the same. Consider size, capabilities, material, advanced options, and manufacturer reputation when buying a greenhouse. As you shop for a greenhouse, you may want to consider a fabric greenhouse, such as the structures made by WeatherPort. No matter your choice, you want a greenhouse fully equipped to help your plants thrive, otherwise it’s nothing more than a green display room.


3 Tips for Great Greenhouse Growing

Greenhouses are gaining popularity to grow specific plants or personal food supply since they protect plants from the elements. Optimal growth doesn’t come just from using a greenhouse, however, and there are three things gardeners should do for their greenhouse plants. Gardeners must control the climate, monitor humidity, and choose the right soil for the plants. Following the tips in this guide, as well as using an energy-efficient and durable greenhouse will help give plants what they need to survive.


Northwest Flower and Garden Show

If you are in the Seattle area, please check us out at the annual Northwest Flow and Garden Show at the Washington Convention Center. This February we will be showcasing one of our greenhouse structures, a portable 6-foot-by-4-foot Garden Port. Greenhouses are necessary if you are looking to extend the growing season for your crops or want to protect special plants. We would love for you to stop by our booth if you are a hobbyist, retailer, or commercial grower because we have structures to support any type of growing operation.


Different Structures for Different Uses: Highlighting Our Products

Fabric structures have many different uses and are a great alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings. Many customers use our WeatherPort products in their own unique ways, with customized structures. Our open-air structures are great for events like weddings, festivals, and markets. We also have enclosed structures that are great for camping, glamping, greenhouses, ski resorts and even sports facilities.


WeatherPort® Greenhouses

WeatherPort®™ creates permanent and portable greenhouses called GardenPorts™ for both year-round and seasonal use. WeatherPort™ brings over 45 years of experience building the best of tension fabric structures. The durability and quality is shown in every greenhouse. Permanent and portable greenhouses are essentially hand crafted to the clients’ purpose. Every aspect from the type of door, fabric, size, insulation, to

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The Ongoing Debate of Native Versus Non-Native Plants

Some argue that non-native plants and species have negative impacts on the environment. However, research shows that some non-native plants and species can have a positive effect in new environments. Some non-native plants and species in the United States include the Honey Bee, Ginkgo Biloba, and Evergreen Dogwood. These are examples of non-native plants and species naturalized to our environment so don’t fear using non-native plants in your garden or greenhouse.

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