Event Structures for Casinos — The Move to Tension Fabric Buildings

Tension fabric structures can support many different types of business operations and applications. Operating casinos are among the many different business applications for tension fabric buildings. Fabric structures can replace brick and mortar buildings since they have comparable strength at a fraction of the price. They fabric structures can include HVAC systems for casinos that allow smoking inside and soundproofing. Other advantages besides cost include shorter construction times, easy expansion, energy-efficiency and more. Some upscale casinos throughout Canada and the United States are already using fabric structures to operate their businesses. Learn more about how a fabric structure can house your casino operation.


Guide to Expanding and Building Summer Camps

In the U.S., the business of summer camps is an $18 billion industry, providing memory-making experiences for over 14 million people every year. Summer camps provide participants a chance to make friends, develop skills, and discover new interests. It’s never too early to begin planning and designing the construction, improvement, or expansion of summer camp facilities. Planning ahead will enable

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How Water Parks Can Use Fabric Structures

Fun in the sun is a nice thought, until the sunburns and overheating set in. If you’re running a water park, there are a lot of precautions you need to always follow. Is the water treated properly? Are lifeguards up to date on certifications? Do the food vendors have a sanitary prep and service area?  Without proper planning, all the

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How to Plan an Outdoor Concert With Fabric Structures

When you’re thinking about how to plan an outdoor concert, there are a lot of things to go over. When going through your list, you’ll most likely be researching solutions for parking, ample bathrooms, and power supplies. Don’t forget about safe and sanitary kitchens for food vendors, a safe place for the main attraction — the band.  Although a rain

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How Production Companies Use WeatherPort Fabric Structures for TV Shows and Movies

Many TV show and movie production companies invest in engineered fabric structures for props, prop storage, wardrobe, makeup, and much more. Not only are the work spaces more spacious and comfortable than conventional trailers, they reduce restrictions to allow more creative freedom.  Using Fabric Structures for Props and Production On Movie and Television Sets Bringing props to life alone can

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