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Why You Should Invest in a Carport or Garage

Since we use our cars daily to get around, we often forget it is one of the biggest investments we make. Just like any other investment you make, you should protect and secure your car. Instead, a lot of us park outside leaving our cars in the elements and susceptible to damage. If you don’t have a garage or it full of equipment so you can’t fit your vehicle inside, a fabric carport is a good option for you. The benefit of using a fabric carport is that it is cost-effective, easy to install, easier to enter your car, portable, and protects the car from the elements. Learn how fabric carports accomplish these objectives to help stop your car from depreciating so quickly.


Covered Parking Structures for Rental Car Companies and Dealerships During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has caused tourism to decline, with airlines, cruises, and hotel industries seeing less activity than in years before. Getaway destinations such as ski resorts and amusement parks have also seen temporary closures to eliminate large gatherings and hopefully slow the spread of the coronavirus. These circumstances have negatively impacted rental car businesses — especially since over 30%

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Equipment Storage for Alaska Mountaineering School

The Best Guides for North America’s Highest Peak Alaska Mountaineering School (AMS) is a mountain guiding and climbing school that leads expeditions throughout the Alaska Range, including Denali, Mount Foraker, and Mount Hunter. Expert guides with ample experience lead all AMS courses, which include mountaineering, backpacking, glacier trek, and custom options as well as skill-intensive workshops. While many guiding companies

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How Engineered Fabric Buildings Can Build Top-Performing Car Dealerships

You may have had some success selling cars on your own, or maybe you’ve got a nice collection of restored classic cars that you’d like to turn into cash — whatever the reason, you’ve decided that now is a good time to get into the business of selling cars.  Car dealerships need to protect their investment, and at the same

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Start Planning for Your Winter Vehicle and Equipment Storage Needs Now!

Although winter is still months away, it’s time to start thinking about the seasonal protection of your summer vehicles and equipment. WeatherPort has the durable, long-lasting structures you need to maintain the functionality and condition of your RV, motorcycle, boat, and other summer vehicles.


How Parking Lot Structures Create Covered Parking Spaces

Parking lot structures are used to create covered parking spaces intended to protect vehicles as well as keep customers, employees, and executives comfortable from unfavorable weather conditions. Whether it’s saving a windshield from baseball-sized hail or saving someone from having to sit on a blistering hot leather seat that has been baking all day in the relentless summer sun, covered

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WeatherPort® Commercial Storage

Economic growth in the United States economy in the manufacturing sector will lead to a greater need for commercial storage facilities. As manufacturing production increases more goods will need a safe storing place. You may need a commercial warehouse for your business to store your goods while your outputs increase. You may consider using a fabric structure for your warehouse since they are often cheaper to build than traditional brick-and-mortar structures. WeatherPort Shelter Systems offers a huge variety of storage systems to meet your specific needs.


Energy Efficient Fabric Buildings

One way to cut the monthly expenses of your business, such as heating, cooling, and lighting, is by using energy efficient fabric buildings. Fabric buildings cut construction time in addition to cutting monthly expenses, which is another cost savings since less resources will go toward construction. Designers created our WeatherPort fabric buildings with energy efficiency in mind. The materials used for the siding, roofs, lighting and insulation can help control energy use and conserve energy. Our buildings are a great option for many types of businesses.


Expand Your Small Business with a Fabric Building!

Your small business may be growing at a rapid rate like many other startup and small business. Although the growth is great, you may not be able to construct any additional spaces or buildings due to costs. One solution is to use a fabric structure instead of a brick-and-mortar building. This would eliminate construction, staff, and site preparation costs. In addition to being a cheaper than other buildings, fabric structures offer flexibility and energy-efficiency while being high quality. WeatherPort offers a host of fabric structures and customization options and you may consider working with our design team while looking for fabric structures for your business.


The Difference Between WeatherPort®’s Two Frame Types

Fabric buildings are only as strong as their frame just like any other building. Manufacturers of fabric buildings use different framing materials to support their structures. We use two types of frames for our WeatherPort Shelter Systems, aluminum, and steel. The frame type you need depends on what you plan to use your structure for. Learn all your options to have the most secure fabric structure as possible for your needs.


Different Structures for Different Uses: Highlighting Our Products

Fabric structures have many different uses and are a great alternative to brick-and-mortar buildings. Many customers use our WeatherPort products in their own unique ways, with customized structures. Our open-air structures are great for events like weddings, festivals, and markets. We also have enclosed structures that are great for camping, glamping, greenhouses, ski resorts and even sports facilities.



The self-storage industry is booming with almost 11 million households renting self-storage units in the United States in 2013. The cost of renting a unit isn’t always the most economical for households. A 10ft by 10ft unit costs $115 dollars on average a month, and on average people use units for two years. Without paying for any extra features like climate control, after the two years, you will spend around $2800. An alternative to renting storage space is to buy your own storage unit. WeatherPort Shelter Systems makes fabric structures you can use to store your belongings. They can have insulation, HVAC systems, and more optional features to best protect your things.

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