Create a Home That Has It All With Fabric Structures

Anyone who has a home with limited space is familiar with the problem of working, exercising, relaxing, and generally living in the same area. The more time you spend in this space, the less you want to be there. Whether you’ve long been wanting to add rooms to your home or the recent shelter-in-place orders have you wishing you could

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Strategies to Increase Your Food Truck Revenue

The food truck culture has taken the country by storm, growing at a rate of almost 8 percent per year, bringing in an estimated $2.7 billion in sales in 2017. Buying a truck and outfitting it for business is only part of the process. Truck owners need to have a good strategy for maximizing their earning potential. Branding is Crucial

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How Tensioned Fabric Buildings Provide Additional Revenue Streams for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels, spas and golf courses can augment their existing revenue-generating channels with fabric structures for a wide range of applications. From providing covered outdoor seating to serve more guests, to offering event tents and canopies for local artisans to rent and sell their wares, hotels and resorts should strongly consider the opportunities for more revenue, presented by engineered fabric buildings.


Improve Customer Experience with Customized Car Dealership Facilities

The customer experience (CX) is king for virtually any business or industry. A job well done can be found with any serious competitor, but it’s the experience that earns referrals. The dealership with the most personable and helpful salespeople are the ones to which families return for their second car, or when helping their kids pick out their first vehicle.

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Increase Dining Appeal and Capacity with an Outdoor Restaurant Canopy

Outdoor seating carries a strong appeal for restaurant diners, particularly in the summer months. People love dining ‘al fresco’ in the open air when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, bringing with them a significant bump in profits. This can help restaurant managers as the food industry enters its “recession.” Challenges Restaurants Face in Today’s Market According

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Canopy Buyer’s Guide

Canopies are great for any outdoor event to protect guests from the elements, rain or shine. WeatherPort has many different types of canopies and options to serve a range of events, including concerts, festivals, weddings, farmers markets and more. Our Canopy Buyer’s Guide is loaded with information about the types of canopies we offer, design styles, types of anchoring systems, and other options. After reading the guide you should be able to find the right canopy for your event or you can create a custom canopy.

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