Canada Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

Canada recently passed bill C-45, otherwise known as the Cannabis Act. According to the Marijuana Policy Project’s website, starting on October 17, 2018, it will be legal for licensed business entities to commercially grow, sell, and distribute medical and adult-use cannabis.

Individual provinces will determine the legal age limits, whether private or government retailers will sell cannabis, as well as legal possession amounts. Currently, the age limits match the existing limits for tobacco and alcohol.

Growing Cannabis in Canada

Under the Cannabis Act, adults can grow up to four plants per household and must meet certain cultivation limits (30 grams or less). Some provinces, such as Manitoba and Quebec, will ban home cultivation.

A commercial cannabis growers license is required, which is granted by the Canadian federal government. Currently, Saskatchewan is the only province with limits on the number of licenses it will issue to private retailers. Licensed and commercial cannabis growers will be able to utilize indoor growing operations and outdoor growing operations.

There are three types of commercial cannabis licenses available. These include: micro cultivation, standard cultivation, and nursery. A micro cultivation operation is 200 square meters of canopy space or less (approximately 2,152 square feet). and a standard cultivation operation is anything larger. A nursery license will allow growers to produce plant starts to supply other licensed growers.

Canada to Supply Cannabis to Other Countries

Canada will allow importing and exporting of cannabis to countries where it is legal. Some countries in Europe have already begun importing Canadian medical marijuana. Most markets do not have domestic growers, so the legal import/export trade is poised to take off in Canada.

How Canada’s Cannabis Industry Differs from the United States’

Perhaps the most important difference between Canadian and U.S. cannabis laws is that, because marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug in the U.S., banks risk breaking the law by doing business with the industry. Because Canada’s Cannabis Act is a federal law, cannabis companies can get loans from Canadian banks without fear of prosecution.

The U.S. and Canada approach the marketing of cannabis differently. Canada has put much more restriction on packaging, allowing only plain designs with a health warning and basic information about the product, such as the brand name, the strain of cannabis, and THC/CBD content.

The Benefits of Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation

There are areas in Canada that have climates that make it challenging to grow cannabis outdoors, especially in the northern latitudes. Different cannabis varieties have specific growing needs, but in general, growing cannabis requires a minimum of 75 to 90 frost-free days, and the better quality strains need up to 140 days.

In order to produce a viable cannabis product that meets potency requirements, licensed cannabis growers in Canada should consider a greenhouse grow operation. “It costs about half as much to grow in greenhouses,” than in warehouses, according to Dave Gardner of Colorado Cannabis Systems. In Colorado, growing in a greenhouse can cut the electric costs by almost half of what growing in a warehouse will require. Growing year-round, especially in the Canadian winter, will require the use of engineered and fully automated greenhouse structures for maximum yield.

Benefits of a Fully Automated Light Deprivation Greenhouse from WeatherPort

WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ has 50 years of proven excellence in designing and engineering greenhouses for companies in the U.S. and Canada. WeatherPort understands the importance of designing and engineering an eco-friendly and energy-efficient greenhouse solution for the cultivation of cannabis.

The GrowPortTM Series from WeatherPort allows licensed growers to fully automate the greenhouse’s light deprivation system of their growing operation. WeatherPort has developed an app for mobile devices, allowing growers to control the advanced growing features of their greenhouse operations from the comfort of their office, home, or while away. Check out the You-Tube video of the GrowPort!

Increase yields and maximize profits with a WeatherPort GrowPort™ Series – professional grade greenhouse! All WeatherPort greenhouse structures are engineered to meet building code requirements, so when Mother Nature decides to send a blast of wintery Canadian weather your way, have peace of mind knowing your cannabis plants and growing operation will be kept safe.

Custom Greenhouse Structures – Define Your Growing Space

GrowPortTM greenhouses are available in two sizes, perfect for small or large cannabis growing operations. The 20-feet by 20-feet (square) GrowPort™ is the perfect greenhouse size for micro cultivation growers without much space to start growing and bringing medial or adult-use cannabis to the market. The 30-feet wide GrowPort™ is ideal for standard or larger cultivation operations, with lengths of 30, 60, 80,100 and 120-feet available.

Cannabis Greenhouses Designed for Durability

WeatherPort greenhouse systems employ high-strength frame systems are made of galvanized steel or aircraft-grade aluminum. Optional powder coating can be added for protection against salt air, oxidation, humidity, and other environmental factors. Our GrowPortTM greenhouses utilize a open span design to maximize your growing space without obstruction.

Our engineered architectural membranes are superior to other fabric covers and designed for durability and longevity. We have perfected the membranes using 50 years of proven experience and proprietary materials to create a tensioned membrane that will not rot, is mold-, mildew-, and fire-resistant. The membrane structure of WeatherPort greenhouses are made of translucent fabric, intentionally designed to diffuse sunlight to protect your valuable crop from the magnification of light that can occur with other types of see-through or clear greenhouses covers. The ends walls can be customized with our blackout fabric, and when used with our light deprivation system, provides an interior space protected from light.

GrowPortTM greenhouses can be taken down and quickly moved from one location to another or remain in place for decades. As your business grows, so can your cannabis greenhouse. Expanding the growing capacity of any WeatherPort greenhouse is easy.

Optional Features for GrowPort™ Cannabis Greenhouses

The WeatherPort GrowPortTM is a series of professional grade greenhouses that allow licensed growers to begin operations in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a typical commercial greenhouse structure. In addition to saving both time and money, the GrowPort™ is a highly adaptable greenhouse solution, allowing you to choose from many options to create the perfect growing environment.

Optional greenhouse systems include:

  • Environmental Control Systems to fully automate and remotely control your cannabis greenhouse, including the light deprivation system, horizontal airflow fans, and ventilation.
  • Innovative metal framing system that allows for the quick installation of custom grow light systems.
  • Horizontal airflow systems and exhaust fans with blackout capability.
  • Motorized blackout curtain system made of triple layer blackout fabric to completely block unwanted light when closed.
  • Evaporative cooling systems.

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