Why to Winterize Your Boat (and the Best Facilities to Do So)

Your cars, RVs, and other land vehicles shouldn’t be the only thing that you protect during the long winter months. Winterizing your boat is extremely important if you want to save money on maintenance and have it ready to use for years and years to come. 

Storing your boat away from the elements while not in use is crucial, and here’s why.

Weather Damage

Leaving your boat unprotected from the elements can cause costly and even permanent damage. On fairer weather days, the upholstery can become bleached and the paint can fade from the sun, and during bouts of rain the boat can fill with water, pipes and fluids can freeze, and corrosion can occur. 

Rust and Snow

Constant exposure to saltwater mixed with cold, wet weather conditions can also cause exposed metal parts to rust. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, an uncovered boat means you need to consistently shovel out heavy snow buildup. 

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Natural Debris and Critters

If your boat is stored uncovered, you may have other things to worry about besides water, snow, and weather-damage. 

Natural debris from the surrounding areas, such as pinecones or tree branches, can clutter your deck and make cleaning your boat out in the springtime a hassle — not to mention little critters that may or may not decide to take up residence while your boat isn’t in use.


An uncovered boat might also lead to attempted thievery or vandalism. Winterizing your boat not only protects it from the great outdoors, but also from those tempted to deface, trash, steal, or otherwise vandalize your investment.

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WeatherPort — the Best Boat Storage Solution

Your vessel is a huge investment and requires proper care, but brick-and-mortar shelters are too complex and permanent, and cheap vinyl coverings can be easily damaged or blow away. 

Boat owners around the world have found the perfect middle ground: boat storage facilities from WeatherPort® Shelter Systems!


When you invest in a WeatherPort fabric building, you’re not just getting another run-of-the-mill fabric building. 

Eye-catching quality, design, and appearance come standard. Each of our fabric membrane structures are made in the United States and have optional colors, branding, and features.

WeatherPort’s boat storage buildings come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, accommodating everything from small ski boats to full-sized yachts or fishing boats. Our focus on portability and ease of deployment makes a WeatherPort Boat Storage Building the perfect solution for short- or long-term storage, dry docking, and even boat repair facilities.

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Function is important — when stormy weather rolls in, the last thing you want to worry about is the status of your boat. 

WeatherPort has your back with best-in-class tension fabric structures that are designed to withstand significant wind, rain, snow and extreme temperatures. And each WeatherPort facility can be installed on virtually any surface, so even dry dock storage is possible with a WeatherPort boat storage building.

Our advanced shelter systems are constructed with state-of-the-art engineered fabric material and highly durable aluminum and steel frames that can hold up in the most extreme conditions.

Unlike other manufacturers, who use cheap materials to cut corners, WeatherPort prides itself on building fabric structures that meet or exceed area-specific and International Building Code (IBC) standards for safety. Third-party experts test and certify our engineering to ensure our customers get the very best. Ask the competition if they do the same.

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Contact WeatherPort Today!

WeatherPort makes highly versatile fabric buildings for many purposes, but we love nothing more than a day out on the water. We understand the needs of the boating community, especially with beautiful yachts and classic crafts. 

Whether you’re looking for a temporary covering to protect against the elements or a long-term structure that will stand the test of time, WeatherPort can deliver. 

Learn more about the technical capabilities of our industry-leading fabric membrane structures or consult with a building expert by using the contact form, emailing us at info@weatherport.com, or calling +1-970-399-5909.


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