WeatherPort™ Fishing Camps

As a camp owner, you want to make your guests as comfortable as possible so they return to your fishing camp. One way to house them comfortably is to use a WeatherPort shelter. Our shelters are customizable with lots of design options. They provide quality accommodations at a fraction of the cost of brick-and-mortar buildings. You can talk to a building specialist to build the right shelter for your camp.


WeatherPort™ Greenhouses

WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ creates permanent and portable greenhouses called GardenPorts™ for both year-round and seasonal use. WeatherPort™ brings over 45 years of experience building the best of tension fabric structures. The durability and quality is shown in every greenhouse. Permanent and portable greenhouses are essentially hand crafted to the clients’ purpose. Every aspect from the type of door, fabric, size,

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WeatherPort™ Canopy, Gable and Adventure Camp Styles to Meet the Needs of Glacier Tours

Glacier tours can be very long and difficult or short and simple. We create a variety of fabric structures to equip you for any glacier tour. WeatherPort offers canopies, gables, and adventure camps. You can decide which structure is best for your tour using this guide.


WeatherPort™ Camping Shelters Last Longer Than A Tent

You may be thinking about purchasing a tent if you have a camping trip coming up soon. While you are shopping for tents check out our WeatherPort camping shelters. They are durable with long lifespans. You can customize them and even use them for glamping. You can find the right shelter for your camping needs by talking with a building specialist.


Efficiently Grow Coveted Exotic Plants

If you want to grow exotic plants for either personal or commercial purposes you will need a greenhouse, which provides a climate-controlled environment. There are traditional materials for greenhouses like glass and wood you can consider, but you can also use a fabric structure. WeatherPort offers fabric greenhouses called GardenPorts that can efficiently grow and protect exotic plants year-round. There are many benefits to using a GardenPort instead of traditional greenhouses as well as customization options. Learn more about how you can use a GardenPort for your commercial or private uses.


EventPort™ by WeatherPort™: Unique Event Structure

You may already have a venue for your event or business, but want to utilize the space outside of the venue. WeatherPort Offers EventPort, a portable structure that you can quickly set up in addition to your venue. These structures are made with the same care and quality as larger structures and come in three different models.


WeatherPort’s™ Ski Lodge Structures

Many ski lodges around the world use our WeatherPort structure for lodging, dining facilities, checkpoints, and more. Our structures are great for ski resorts because of their durability, tolerance for high winds, and ability to withstand heavy snow loads. Please check out our WeatherPort Pinterest Ski Lodge board if you are looking to renovate or build a ski lodge or looking for ideas.


Tired of Sitting and Waiting? Hunt from WeatherPort’s™ Ground Blind

Part of hunting is stalking game and hiking through the forest, however, you can make hunting easier by using WeatherPort’s Ground Blind. Ground Blind allows you to track game without having to hike around which can be tiring with your hunting equipment. This guide shows you how to use Ground Blind to effectively conceal yourself as you wait for your big game to show up.


WeatherPort Outdoor Sports Canopy Series

Our outdoor sports canopies are great for all kinds of sporting events and activities. Check out this video of our canopies in use at a Shelton High School for their track and field stations.


Celebrate June Camping Month

June is national camping month and you can start celebrating here by planning your next camping trip. To have the best possible trip you must research and plan ahead, last minute trips may cause you to forget things you need. There are many resources online to help you prepare and decide what things you need to pack for your camping trip. One thing necessary for camping is a tent, and if you have a tent already you can upgrade to a WeatherPort camping shelter.


The Ongoing Debate of Native Versus Non-Native Plants

Some argue that non-native plants and species have negative impacts on the environment. However, research shows that some non-native plants and species can have a positive effect in new environments. Some non-native plants and species in the United States include the Honey Bee, Ginkgo Biloba, and Evergreen Dogwood. These are examples of non-native plants and species naturalized to our environment so don’t fear using non-native plants in your garden or greenhouse.


EventPort: The Best Wedding Event Structures

WeatherPort offers a variety of products that are ideal for outdoor weddings. Their EventPort would be great to use as an outdoor wedding structure. The EventPort provides protection and good lighting for photos and is versatile. Explore options for these structures to find the best fit for your wedding.


Treasure Mountain Bible Camp

Treasure Mountain Bible Camp is in the rugged high country of Colorado and provides Christian-themed activities for adults and children. An avalanche destroyed their chapel after 25 years of business. The owners, Ray and Donna Bauman, decided to use a 26’x40’ Jubilee shelter from WeatherPort to replace the old chapel building. The Jubilee shelter provides a space with lighting, insulation, and heating at a lower price than traditional buildings. The Bauman’s share the experience with using the Jubilee shelter and other WeatherPort Shelter Systems.


Luxury in the Wilderness: Why Great Alaska Chose WeatherPort

Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations is an adventure travel company, offering lodges for guests to stay at while they go fly fishing. They have locations In Alaska, Costa Rica, and Mexico. They needed lodging that could accommodate their guests comfortably, with the versatility to function in multiple locations. The owners chose to use our WeatherPort Systems to meet their business needs and provide high-quality lodging without the high cost of constructing brick-and-mortar buildings. One of the owners, Laurence John shares the experience they’ve had with our WeatherPort Structures.

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