Elevating Guest Experiences with Better Golf Course Facilities

No matter how pretty a golf course is, or how well the grounds are maintained, golf courses that lack quality facilities and amenities will lose the ability to attract and retain business. 

As with many customer-oriented entertainment industries, the quality of many parts work together to create an overall positive customer experience and generate return business.

In addition to beautifully maintained grounds, fairways, perfect putting greens, teeing grounds, and paved cart paths, golf courses also need to offer guests access to high-quality facilities such as clubhouses, driving ranges, retail space for a pro shop and renting equipment, spas for relaxation, dining facilities for food and drinks, covered outdoor seating, and structures for hosting small to large outdoor events

Today’s golf courses cater to a discerning audience and therefore need to consider replacing, upgrading, or expanding existing facilities.

One solution for golf courses to quickly expand their guest offerings is to use engineered fabric structures. Fabric building systems can be custom-designed to nearly any size, used for the same purpose you would use a conventional building, insulated for energy efficiency, heated and cooled, and quickly installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a clubhouse, golf cart storage facility, driving range enclosure, or a grounds and maintenance shop!

Here are a few applications for fabric structures on your golf course.

Golf Course Pavilions for Additional Revenue

The inclusion of a pavilion on your golf course can increase revenue in two ways.

First, a golf course pavilion is a great solution for providing a quality space for guests to find shade on a hot sunny day and relax with a cold and refreshing drink between rounds. Pavilions can be designed with cart storage facilities or drive-in, park, and drive-out features – preventing the uncomfortable experience of sitting on a hot sunbaked chair.

Second, pavilions can generate an entirely new stream of revenue for your golfing business. 

Pavilions allow golf course owners the ability to generate additional revenue by leasing space for private events, weddings, business gatherings, golf tournaments, as well as for entertainment purposes such as music concerts and performances, arts and craft fairs, local job and career fairs, and farmers markets.

Engineered fabric structures are a safe and reliable building solution. WeatherPort® Shelter Systems is well known for custom-designing and engineering fabric buildings designed to meet local and international building codes for safety. Their high-quality building systems can be designed up to 150’ wide and to any length. WeatherPort works with private, public, and municipally owned golf courses engineered to provide decades of enjoyment.

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Outdoor Structures for Golf Courses

For golf courses looking for long-lasting outdoor structures for events, concessions, equipment rentals, as well as covered outdoor seating – WeatherPort produces a line of heavy-duty canopy structures. 

Unlike the typical pop-up canopies, which need to be set up and taken down each day and only used on fair weather days, WeatherPort canopies are engineered using the same principles of integrity and strength as our larger pavilion structures. Meaning, they are designed for quick setup to use as a temporary outdoor event structure or can be set up and left in place as a permanent installation for year-round use,

Choose from a wide selection of building models, including four-sided canopies, six-sided canopies, and eight-sided canopies as well as different sizes and side-curtain options. Our tensioned fabric membranes are available in many colors, allowing golf course owners to create outdoor structures that blend in with the grounds, match existing infrastructure, or stand out and are easily recognizable by guests!

Want your golf course logo, a specific design, wording, or number printed on the fabric to help promote your golf course? WeatherPort has the in-house capability of working with your design file to print directly onto our tensioned fabric membranes, allowing you to create a truly one-of-a-kind canopy structure for guests to enjoy!

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On-Course Restrooms

Though not frequently discussed among peers, the frequency and quality of on-course restrooms is a priority for most golfers when deciding which course to play. A recent study outlined the specifics about just how big a factor having access to restrooms is in choosing a golf course. Of 63 men surveyed:

  • 82% said that they were more likely to play a course with clean and spacious restrooms on the links instead of portable restrooms.
  • More than 50% said they were willing to pay $5 more per round to play on a course that had spacious and clean restrooms available.
  • 24% stated that they know people who actively avoid certain golf courses because of poor restroom conditions.
  • 84% said that poor restroom conditions can negatively impact their impression of a golf course.

Including quality restroom facilities on your golf course can directly improve the retention and referral rate of guests. A small increase in price per round can offset the cost of installation, making this an investment that can permanently improve the bottom line of your golf course.

Golf Cart Storage Facilities

Maximizing the income from your golf course should also include steps to minimize expenses. One way to reduce golf course operating expenses is to look at the cost for upkeep and replacement of equipment such as golf carts. Golf carts left outside — in the sun and overnight, exposed to hot and cold weather — will not last as long. 

Colors will fade, clear plastics will turn yellow and cloudy, metal will rust, plastic or leather chairs will crack, not to mention battery performance will be affected — certainly not the customer experience you want to give first-time or returning guests.

Engineered fabric buildings are a great solution for storing golf carts. Quickly set up a custom-designed golf cart storage facility and create a comfortable and inviting check-out desk for guests to enjoy the shade and brag about the birdie they had on the 9th hole of their last visit, while their golf cart is brought up — valet style.

The WeatherPort HGB series is the perfect building solution for storing golf carts, industrial lawn mowers, and other equipment used on golf courses. More portable and easier to install than traditional construction, the heavy gable frames and long-lasting tensioned fabric membranes work together to keep your equipment safe year-round in any climate. 

The HGB series of fabric buildings can be designed up to 30 feet wide and to any needed length. Just like other WeatherPort structures, the HGB series can be customized with a large selection of options, and with a choice of fabric color, pattern, or printed graphics to stand out or blend in as your needs require.

Engineered Fabric Structures From WeatherPort Are Better

Since opening our doors in 1968, WeatherPort has remained true to producing world-class engineered fabric structures. Our fully engineered canopies, yurts, Quonset huts, domes, gable buildings, and heavy gable buildings have been safely and quickly installed in more than 65 countries around the world. While buildings made using traditional construction materials like wood, brick, steel, and/or concrete are more well-known, engineered fabric structures from WeatherPort offer many advantages, including:

  • Virtually maintenance-free compared to wood and steel buildings that require frequent and ongoing maintenance in order to maintain
  • Drastically reduced construction times, which means less labor, equipment, and overall construction costs
  • Temporary or permanent designs that allow for the installation of our fabric buildings to be set up and left in-place or quickly removed and relocated as needed
  • Minimal tools required for installation
  • Minimal foundation requirements, meaning that our buildings can be set up in locations with less site preparation and make less of an environmental impact
  • Ability to expand or reconfigure easily to create more space as demands change
  • Open span design that maximizes interior space by eliminating the need for internal support beams or pillars
  • Energy-efficient design that drastically reduces operation costs while maintaining a comfortable interior
  • Low life-cycle cost

Whether you’re in the market for a large gable truss building to be used as a permanent banquet hall or events center, or an attractive Jubilee party tent for weddings and other outdoor events, WeatherPort has a highly portable tensile structure to meet your needs.

Available in hundreds of sizes, styles and configurations, a versatile tensioned membrane structure from WeatherPort is ideally suited for:

Contact us today for more information or to discuss using an engineered fabric structure for your golf course by calling 970-399-5909, emailing WeatherPort, or accessing our contact page.


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    WeatherPort Shelter Systems™ (WP) is a Colorado based business that custom-designs high-performance fabric buildings for any application. Our custom-built structures offer an unmatched level of portability and long-lasting durability. Since opening our doors in 1968, we have successfully produced and delivered engineered fabric structures to more than 85 countries!


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