Benefits of the WeatherPort® Greenhouse

With options for both commercial and residential producers, WeatherPort Greenhouses and Grow Tents include many unique, useful features that set them apart from your standard off-the-shelf fiberglass greenhouse. Here’s what makes WeatherPort Greenhouses stand out from the competition:

Design a Greenhouse with Custom Options

Commercial greenhouses often have specific size and branding requirements, which is why all of WeatherPort’s greenhouses can be built to specification with custom color and logo options.

For additional functionality, WeatherPort Greenhouses and Grow Tents have optional shelving capabilities, HVAC and heating functionality, and both active and passive ventilation features. Doors, windows, and added insulation are all available with a custom designed greenhouse. Contact a building representative for more information.

The Highest-Quality Greenhouses

WeatherPort is the only tensioned fabric building manufacturer that employs a third-party engineering firm to verify the quality of our work. Our industry-leading fabric membranes are designed for year-round use and to withstand extreme wind, heat, cold, and snow loads.

You can choose between a lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel frame. Both greenhouse frame types can be powder-coated for an additional layer of protection against rust and corrosion. Enjoy decades of growing with a WeatherPort Greenhouse and Grow Tent!

Fabric Greenhouses Designed for Ease of Use

All of WeatherPort’s buildings are designed for maximum portability and ease of setup, allowing individuals, gardeners, and non-skilled labor to set up and take down each greenhouse structure with minimal technical know-how. With the ability to be placed on virtually any foundation, WeatherPort Greenhouses can be installed and safely anchored on any level surface. Different flooring options work better for greenhouses, depending on your anticipated level of upkeep and maintenance. Special attention should be given when preparing your greenhouse location.

For home owners, gardening enthusiasts, individuals, or small businesses looking for a 8′ x 13′ greenhouse, the WeatherPort Greenhouse Kit is a great, all-in-one greenhouse alternative to small greenhouses made cheaply overseas and sold at big box stores as off-the-shelf greenhouse kits that won’t last more than one or two seasons. Perfect for growing small crops during off-seasons, our greenhouse kits can be quickly setup and taken down seasonally, or used as a year-round greenhouse solution!

Let’s discuss your greenhouse building needs! Call WeatherPort Shelter Systems today to speak with a friendly greenhouse building specialist!

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