3 Reasons to Choose WeatherPort Ski Lodges

Ever since humans began skiing for recreational purposes there has been a demand for warm lodges for shelter from the cold and camaraderie among skiers.

While the traditional image that comes to mind when thinking of a ski lodge is a toasty log cabin nestled among trees, that shelter system is as antiquated as the wooden slats people first used as skis. Drafty, difficult to maintain and devoid of longevity, log cabins are expensive examples of a bygone era.

Ski resort owners and operators looking for a more economical and high-tech shelter solution have been flocking to fabric buildings to replace old ski lodges and ski facilities, and it’s no surprise why.

  1. They’re Energy Efficient

Fabric building solutions provide much-needed energy savings during ski season. Switching to a fabric building system equipped with proprietary insulation, an energy-efficient heating solution and insulated windows can save hundreds of dollars in heating expenses.

  1. They’re Highly Portable

If you operate a year-round resort, your needs obviously change once the snow melts. Why mar your resort’s appearance with unused buildings? Taking down and relocating tensioned membrane structures to storage or using them for other purposes is quick and easy. Depending the model, fabric structures can be used as event tents, pavilions, equipment storage units or dozens of other applications.

  1. They’re Durable and Reliable

Unlike cheap canvas popups or flimsy modular imitators, WeatherPort Fabric Buildings are engineered to withstand extreme snow and wind loads. Our structures are also independently tested and certified to ensure they meet building code and our own high standards of safety and quality. Additionally, with minimal regular maintenance and proper care, your fabric structure will have the longevity needed for permanent applications and year-round use.

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