Make Camping Cool Again with these 15 Camping Tips

Plenty of things could go wrong on a camping trip and absolutely kill your fun. There could be inclement weather, biting insects and other pests, forgotten necessities and other packing errors, or just plain old boredom.

One thing that shouldn’t be a problem is your shelter. That’s why WeatherPort creates rugged, easy-to-install yurts and cabins that provide luxurious interiors and field-tested performance.

When you choose WeatherPort, you’re choosing the most reliable shelter solutions on the market. You’re also freeing yourself to worry about the little things that can make the difference in any camping trip.

We’ve put together a checklist of 15 camping tips to ensure that your luxury camping trip goes off without a hitch.



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Artist’s rendering of a yurt glamping shelter

Remember to pack your tunes. Sure, nature is a great soundtrack, but music adds to the fun.

Bring playing cards and/or board games. You’ll need something to do if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Bring outdoor games. Horseshoes, washers, corn hole — all are great options for outdoor entertainment.



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Artist’s rendering of a portable cabin

Always bring ample amounts of toilet paper. This should be self-explanatory.

Don’t forget the baby wipes. These handy items are good for more than cleaning little bundles of joy.

Do forget the sleeping bags. You’ll be staying in a fully sealed cabin or yurt so why not bring an air mattress or cot? Remember to bring pillows, too.

Go with fresh food when you can. You can still enjoy fresh fruits, veggies and meats even though you’re not at home. Ditch the canned beans.

Double-check your cookware. Nothing is worse than planning a meal and realizing your left your cast-iron skilling or boiling pot at home.

Don’t let pests pester you. Insect repellent, whether in candles, tiki torches or sprays, is an absolute necessity for enjoying the outdoors.

Pack a first aid kit. Bandages, ointments, aspirin and other handy medical supplies are must-haves for any camping trip.



Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations installed a commercial kitchen in one of their WeatherPort shelters

Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations installed a commercial kitchen in one of their WeatherPort shelters

Always bring at least three lighters. Fire is a must-have for roasting s’mores, hotdogs and more.

Be prepared with firewood and fire starters. Always grab a couple more handfuls of firewood than you think you’ll need. Remember your ax or saw, and don’t forget the importance of kindling.

Make sure you have enough fuel before you head out. This includes propane, butane, kerosene and other fuels used for heating and cooking.

Pack your rain gear just in case. Seriously, you’ll thank us later.

Sunscreen is your friend. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your camping trip. Bring sunscreen that’s 15 SPF or more.

If you remember those 15 tips your camping trip should be pretty cool, especially if you’re taking it in a WeatherPort yurt or cabin. We design our fully engineered fabric buildings for people who appreciate the outdoors and the comforts of home. Why waste your time in a rundown cabin or a leaky tent when you can stay in a high-end shelter system?

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