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Yurt Campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest

Yurt at Seaquest State Park

Yurt at Seaquest State Park


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Dozens of campgrounds throughout the Pacific Northwest are not only yurt-friendly, they also offer opportunities for campers to enjoy the unique experience of camping in the unique round dwellings known as yurts. The map below showcases the campgrounds and RV parks in Washington, Oregon and Idaho that make yurts available for overnight or multiple night rental.

Most yurts are heated and can comfortably accommodate five guests. Many of the camping destinations provide restroom and shower facilities for yurt guests and other campers, and are pet-friendly to allow four-legged guests.

In Washington, the majority of the campgrounds and RV parks that have yurts for rent are scattered along the coast or set north of Seattle in the Puget Sound. However some, like Seaquest State Park, are located more inland. This particular campground has five yurts in addition to tent and utility campsites on 475-acres near Mount St. Helens. Other yurt campgrounds throughout the state are situated in the woodland areas off of local rivers, such as Paradise Point State Park on the Lewis River.

Yurt at Galena Lodge

Yurt at Galena Lodge

Numerous coastal state parks in Oregon have yurts for campers to rent in addition to or as an alternative for tent or RV camping. From Nehalem Bay State Park in northern Oregon, to Bullards Beach State Park near Bandon, Oregon, many of the campgrounds along the state’s coast offer yurt camping for guests to rent for overnight use. Popular outdoor tourism sites throughout the state, including Crescent Lake Resort in the Deschutes National Forest, also provide yurt camping options.

Idaho has a handful of yurt campgrounds positioned along the edge of the state’s lush national forests. Enjoy the natural beauty of Harriman State Park and its fun outdoor activities from one of the park’s two yurts near Silver Lake. This park is an 11,000-acre wildlife refuge within the Greater Yellowstone area in Island Park, Idaho. Galena Lodge is situated in the heart of Sawtooth National Forest, and provides yurt camping for lodging year-round. The lodge has recreational opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the winter, and mountain biking and horseback riding during the summer.

From the gorgeous forests of Idaho, to the coastal allure of Oregon state parks and lush woodlands of western Washington, there are dozens of yurt campgrounds and yurt camping opportunities across the Pacific Northwest. Campers can appreciate the beauty of nature and the fun of outdoor recreational activities, with the comfort and experience of a night spent in a cozy warm yurt!


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