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WeatherPort™ has you covered for indoor horse riding arenas and rodeo facilities. Our highly durable tensioned fabric structures are fantastically suited for use in the equine industry, and provide a superior experience and level of comfort for both rider and horse alike. From expansive covered arenas to single-horse stalls or tack storage buildings, our long lasting, energy efficient fabric structures are the ideal solution for indoor equine facilities. We can make perfect use of your intended space by creating a completely custom horse arena or equine storage facility designed and manufactured in the USA to your exact dimensions.

cowboy riding brown horse in fabric arena

WeatherPort’s tensioned fabric riding arenas are quieter in bad weather than steel buildings, and retain heat more effectively. Our incredibly durable yet translucent material allows for substantial light flow, saving on energy costs by negating the need for lighting systems during the day. Our horse arenas and stalls can be outfitted with any footing you like, ensuring the comfort and performance of your horses. Our barns and riding arenas can also be outfitted with any color of material, allowing for maximum ability of customization.

Our horse arenas and equine buildings are ideally suited to serve as:
WeatherPort Building for Horse Riding Arena

All WeatherPort structures are made with high-quality materials and designed for longevity, including for more permanent uses. The tension fabric membrane is a very durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material that is treated for water and weather-proofing, as well as being reflective to repel harmful ultraviolet rays. As compared with other materials used for fabric buildings, PVC membranes offer superior abrasion resistance, snow shed and ease of repair if your horse building is being used in an extreme environment. This means that your arena is protected to the utmost degree at all hours of the day, ensuring a dependable riding experience in (and after) any weather conditions. No more pooling or puddling issues to get in the way of riding activities.

The frame beneath is available in lightweight aluminum or heavy-duty galvanized steel, depending on the yield strength required. We have engineered the interior design of our horse arenas and other fabric buildings to offer the maximum usable space via a clear-span design. For example, these buildings have uninhibited show space for acrobatics on horseback at special equine events. More practically, the lack of need for supportive cross beams and columns creates the most flexible and versatile interiors for storage.

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large fabric riding arena with horses in foregroundOur structures are a cost-effective, energy efficient alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings for your horse facilities. The fabric shell is highly effective at reflecting UV rays, while the translucency of the fabric reduces the need for energy consumption to illuminate the interior during the daytime. Since these structures can be set up and taken down relatively quickly, your equine activities are minimally impacted by downtime.

Benefits of WeatherPort horse facilities:

For more information on WeatherPort tension fabric buildings, or to order your WeatherPort fabric buildings today, call +1-970-399-5909, email, or visit our contact us page.

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