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FAQ: Is a Residential Fabric Building Right for You?

When you’re in the market for a canopy, carport, portable garage, pool enclosure, greenhouse or any other type of residential structure, consider a fabric building. Maybe you already are thinking about going with fabric, but you have some questions.

Let’s go through a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) with the experts at WeatherPort Shelter Systems ™.


What are the ideal uses for a WeatherPort fabric building?

The potential uses are as limitless as your imagination. WeatherPort creates fabric building solutions in a wide variety of sizes and styles suitable for numerous applications. Click here to learn more about WeatherPort’s engineering and design.


What are the advantages of a WeatherPort fabric structure?

Besides having limitless applications, WeatherPort fabric tension structures are also:

How much do WeatherPort Fabric Buildings cost?

Pricing is determined by the amount of engineering required to withstand wind, snow loads and other inclement weather in your location, as well as local and International Building Code standards. Additionally, price is determined by the model, its size, and the amount of customization found in your WeatherPort, including windows and doors, and HVAC, insulation and anchoring systems. You can find out more by clicking here or by calling 1-970-399-5909 to talk to an associate about prices, sizes and styles.


What’s the WeatherPort story?

Company founder Clayton H. ‘Sweede” Hansen needed a structure rugged enough to protect his vehicles from Colorado’s ice and snow. Dissatisfied with the products on the market in 1968, the entrepreneurial Hansen decided he could do better, and he started Hansen WeatherPort Corp. Although WeatherPort has continued to grow — we provide handcrafted, American-made products for myriad purposes around the world — we’ve stayed true to ‘Sweede’ Hansen’s core values of running the company like a family-owned business. Our goals are providing friendly, knowledgeable service while producing the best-engineered permanent and portable fabric buildings on the market.

WeatherPort’s building specialists have answered a few FAQ that we often get, but maybe you have questions that haven’t been addressed. If you want to learn more about WeatherPort Fabric Buildings or would like to get a quote for your residential structure, click here, email or call us at +1-970-399-5909.

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