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WeatherPort Party Tents and Event Structures for weddings, banquets and other outdoor events!

Ideal commercial buildings

WeatherPort has provided high-quality commercial fabric building solutions for a variety of industries for more than 40 years. All of our composite fabrics and heavy-duty support systems are engineered and designed for safe use and long life in the world’s most extreme climates. Our fabric buildings are easier to install with less site prep than traditional wood, metal and brick-and-mortar structures, which helps reduce build times. No other structures can match the incredible portability and industry leading reliability of a WeatherPort.

From dining halls and mobile kitchens to storage buildings, warehouses and workshops, WeatherPort Fabric Tension Structures come in sizes and designs created for maximum versatility. Our tensioned membrane structures can be specifically crafted to accommodate insulation, electrical and HVAC systems. You can add partitions for separate storage space inside your fabric building, adding another layer of versatility. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles to create a unique look. Is your business growing? Expand your fabric membrane structure’s durable truss system to keep up with your needs.

When you need expert advice about the WeatherPort fabric building that’s right for your business, our knowledgeable associates are here to help. Need to customize your tension fabric structure with eye-catching graphics and logos? We can help with that, too. Your business is our business, and nobody will work harder for you.