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10x15 Canopy Playground

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WE MAKE THE WORLD'S Best Outdoor Canopy

Incredible portability, easy installation and secure anchoring to any surface make WeatherPort™ Canopies superior alternatives to cheap canvas tents. We use high-strength fabrics and metal frames on all of our canopies for personal, recreational, or commercial use, like our outdoor dining restaurant canopies. After years of field tests in extreme climates, our tensioned membrane canopies and marquee tents are tough enough to withstand inclement weather and provide protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. We offer the same level of portability, durability and engineering in our Hexapae and Octapae models of canopies. Call +1-970-399-5909, email or fill out the inquiry form on our contact page for more information or a price quote for a WeatherPort Outdoor Canopy.
Canopy Tent

Colorful WeatherPort Canopies

Nobody Beats WeatherPort’s Versatility

Whether you are tailgating before the big game or protecting yourself and your equipment in a covered outdoor workstation, WeatherPort has a canopy for you. With their wide variety of sizes and options, our versatile fabric membrane structures are ideally suited for: Call +1-970-399-5909, email or fill out the inquiry form on our contact page for more information about WeatherPort Canopies, the most versatile fabric structures on the market.

Canopy Specifications

Dimensions: Frame Options: 20’ x 20’ Frame Options: Anchoring System Options: Cover/Curtain Fabric: 18 oz. Vinyl Fabric Tension SystemLoad Specifications: WeatherPort Canopies are the only canopies on the market that have been designed and tested for wind and snow loads. ENGINEERING TECHNICAL INPUT/REFERENCES: Color Options Blue, Gray, Green, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
Washington State Fair Precision Manufacturing, Fabrication and CNC Machining Custom Canopy Custom Canopies for all types of events and promotion.

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