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Shelters For Base Camps

WeatherPort Base Camp systems provide shelter for military, medical, outdoors and expedition groups around the world. From mountain peaks to river valleys, WeatherPort Base Camps are chosen for many reasons. They are lightweight, durable, long lasting, affordable, and easy to setup. In a word, they are reliable.   On climbing expeditions to the summit of Mount Everest and on saltwater fishing outings, WeatherPort base camp shelters give you more time to focus on your expedition, and peace of mind knowing you will be safe and secure in your shelter when the sun goes down.   At the end of the day, you want to be in a WeatherPort Base Camp shelter. Here’s why:

The Quality Of WeatherPort Shelter Systems

WeatherPort™ creates temporary housing solutions and tensioned fabric structures designed and engineered for use in the world’s harshest environments. We field-test our composite fabrics to ensure their durability and performance. We have focused our efforts on creating shelters that combine the lightweight mobility of a tarp with the comfort and dependability of a semi-permanent structure.

WeatherPort Shelters

Tensioned fabric structures for base camp and outdoor applications are the solution to shelter in expeditionary conditions. Reliable, well-design fabric structures are: If you want more information or are ready own temporary housing solutions that are built to last, call +1-970-399-5909, email or fill out the inquiry form on our contact page.
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Interior of a Base Camp on Mount Rainier

Discover the Many Possible Applications for Base Camps

WeatherPort's line of base camp shelter systems is designed for use in various outdoors applications. Our shelters are ideally suited for: Our shelters also serve commercial clients and needs including: If you want more information or are ready to improve your camp, please call us at +1-970-399-5909, email or fill out the inquiry form on our contact page

Discover How Fabric Structures Can Work For You

Whatever your base camp structure needs are, our helpful and knowledgeable shelter experts can answer your questions and help you select the right fabric building solution for you. Our design team has a prolific inventory of design plans to draw from, as well as the ability to create a custom tensioned membrane structure that meets your specific needs.
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