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green and white fabric backyard grow tent

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Enjoy year-round growing in an 8’ x 13’ Greenhouse Kit from WeatherPort Shelter Systems™, the world’s premium fabric building manufacturer. When you choose a tensioned membrane greenhouse kit from WeatherPort, you get to enjoy: Why WeatherPort? We believe in keeping jobs here in United States, employing hardworking Americans and proving that fabric buildings can truly be something more than just a “tent”. While other companies saturate the market with inexpensive alternatives made overseas, we handcraft American-made greenhouse structures using only the best materials, engineering and designs. It’s what we’ve done for almost 50 years.

Greenhouse Value

WeatherPort’s 8’ x 13’ Greenhouse Kit offers an incredible value. Unlike clear plastics or glass, which can have a magnifying effect on plants, our translucent fabric diffuses sunlight to help protect plants from harmful UV rays.

Technical Specifications

Width: 8’ Length: 13’ Height: 8’ Included Features:

Engineered to meet local building codes for wind and snow loads.

Frame: Galvanized Steel: 1.75" square tubing

Quick and Surprisingly Easy Installation

Our WeatherPort 8’ x 13’ Greenhouse Kit is surprisingly easy to install:

Experience an Incredible Design

WeatherPort’s 8’ x 13’ Greenhouse Kit design features:

Engineering Technical Input / References

The WeatherPort 8’ x 13’ Greenhouse Kit offers an incredible growing experience that will last one great growing season after another.

Give us a call at (970) 399-5909 to order your 8’ x 13’ Greenhouse Kit! Or have a question? Chat with a friendly building specialist or fill out our online form now!

Canopy Tent

WeatherPort Greenhouse Kits Are Portable and Durable

Our Greenhouse Kit Offers Easy Setup!