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Alaska Department of Fish & Game – Hunting Checkpoints Use WeatherPort Shelters

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game understands how fabric structures can provide a huge benefit to their employees, the public, and the environment. These sturdy shelters withstand the elements and fulfill various types of needs for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, and at a price point that fits within their budget. Below are several examples of where the department uses WeatherPort tents:

These are just a few examples of how WeatherPort tension fabric buildings have helped meet the needs of the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. These structures are used every day in the above example, and in a wide range of weather. Government agencies of all types can benefit from WeatherPort buildings, especially given their versatility and dependability.

WeatherPort buildings are designed to last. The structures can be used for any building application in virtually every climate in the world. From living quarters and camps, to offices, to cafeterias, to fish hatcheries, WeatherPort buildings are available in a number of different designs, such as canopies, truss gable buildings, dome tents, gable buildings, heavy gable buildings, event tents, Quonset huts and yurts.

For more information on WeatherPort tension fabric buildings, or to order your WeatherPort fabric buildings today, call +1-970-399-5909, email, or visit our contact us page.

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